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Personal Branding for Journalists

Personal Branding and Inspirational Storytelling for Journalists Journalists already know the power of media and storytelling. So building a personal brand is easy for them. In fact, it is the news anchors/journalists, which actually bring audience to the respective media, with their own personal reputation, credibility and brand. Audience is loyal to journalists more than media organisation Be it print or TV, people read / watch their favourite journalists and news anchors. In my view loyalty for media organisations is much lesser than the loyalty for journalists. Sweta Singh has reached such a celebrity status in a short span of time that she was invited to Kapil Sharma's comedy show recently. Many senior journalists have created their own media organisations.  The Power of Storytelling Storytelling is the easiest way to build a personal brand and journalists are great storytellers. In fact, news is actually called a news story. Inspirational storytelling is the