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Dr Karan Singh & Alan Jacobs-Uncovering Our Greatness

Two Opinions on Uncovering Our Greatness
This is a monthly column on uncovering our greatness, co-authored by Michael Thallium from Spain (who talks about a great human being from Eastern part of the world) and Dr Amit Nagpal from India (who talks about a great human being from Western part of the world). We aim to share the success stories of great human beings and wish to inspire the readers to uncover their greatness too.
Michael Thallium, Spain
Dr Karan Singh-Amalgamating the Best of East and West
To me the presentation of the book The Seven Joys Of Life by Amit Nagpal was the introduction to a person I had never heard of: Dr Karan Singh ( I did not have the chance to travel to India for that presentation and meet both my friend Amit Nagpal and Dr Karan Singh. I remember by that time, by the beginning of August of this year 2012 which is finishing in a couple of hours, I was in Kiev. When I …

Life is a Tight RopeWalk

An Inspiring Life Story of Vijay Nallawala
“A small town boy who was lazy, steeped in self-pity, without faith in God or respect for anyone. Introvert, vain and unwilling to heed well-meaning advice..His escapist world was filled with books, books and more books. Story books that took him to a fantasy land and conveniently kept him from facing harsh reality. One quality he had, though, was a passion for Art. He could draw pencil sketches that were admired by one and all. His Art teacher at School advised him to pursue it as a career, which he promptly brushed aside.”
This is as good a description as I can honestly come up in a few sentences about the kind of being I was in my childhood through teen years. I did have my share of problems, for sure- a troublesome beginning due to separated parents (rare in the 1960’s in India) and lack of a doting father figure. However, it was my inability to cope with these circumstances that made me an abject loser. A happy childhood is an indispensibl…

Understanding Energy for an Energetic 2013

Dear Reader,

Warm Greetings!!!
I hope you had a wonderful 2012 with its shares of victories and challenges. I posted on Facebook once, “Gratitude is positive energy, Grudge is negative. Forgiveness is positive energy, Hatred is negative. Compassion is positive energy, Anger is negative. Keep the precious positive energy, Let go the negative.” 
Here is a superb song full of positive and affectionate energy to cheer you up:- 

People can bring both positive and negative energy in our lives. When they bring negative energy, either our positive energy should be stronger than their energy or we need to stay away as much as possible (if you have time and compassion, guide them about the importance of energy). 

On the other hand some people can come with such powerful positive energy in your life- as if reverse hurricanes. They can put everything back in order which had been destroyed and thrown around. 

It is easy to manipulate the language or words, difficult to manipulate body language, but impo…

Professionals, Knowledgepreneurs and Personal Branding

Why Professionals should develop a personal brand? (and how it is easy for them to do so)

How Doctors, Architects, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and other self-employed professionals can use social media to develop a strong personal brand?
We live in the knowledge society today and knowledge workers and professionals have an edge when it comes to personal branding through social media. Knowledgepreneurs are professional entrepreneurs who sell their knowledge as part of the profession. It includes lawyers, architects, doctors, life coaches, trainers, CAs, CFAs, Consultants, Cost & Work Accountants and so on. Such professionals are highly educated and can develop into personal brands much easily. Here are some of the reasons why such professionals should develop a personal brand and how it is easy for them to do so.
Conveying expertise, passion and thought leadership Sharing knowledge is one of the major tools for social media success and personal branding (besides creativity). Social M…

Professors and Personal Branding

Why Professors should develop a personal brand? (and how it is easy for them to do so)

Professors and academicians can develop into personal brands much easily compared to others. Here are some of the reasons why Professors should develop a personal brand and how it is easy for them to do so.
The Personal Branding Skills you already have
Public Speaking Skills Professors already have good public speaking skills as teaching obviously exposes them to speaking.
Coaching & Mentoring Skills Teaching also exposes the academicians to coaching and mentoring as any good professional University/institute focuses on individual mentoring of students. Therefore professors and senior academicians can easily develop themselves them into coaches and consultants.
Passion for Teaching My academician friend jokes, “Teaching attracts two categories of people, one who are extremely intellectual & passionate and the other who don’t get good corporate jobs.” Personal Branding through Social Media requires pa…

Top 5 Interviews & Interactions of 2012

I have been running a Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam (The World is a Family in Sanskrit) Interview series on my Blog for past 2 years and have interviewed more than 50 people in the series from all parts of the world. It has given me a wonderful opportunity to interact with thought leaders, pioneers and other great professionals from across the world. These people have either emerged (or fast emerging) as Global Leaders and have Enlarged, Excelled and Evolved into Global Personal Brands too.
They are interesting role models for those who want to become global leaders. These interviews will give you interesting insights about global mindsets and how spirituality has guided most of these professionals in deeply passionate journeys with respect for all religions, cultures and nations.
Steve Brant-Interview with the Grand Guy of Innovation and CSR Dr Amit Nagpal: I really loved your comfort vs zone of magic image. How can we assist people to come out of the comfort zone and move to the zone where magic…

Top 10 Blog Posts which Rocked the Globe (2012)

2012 was a great year for me as well as the Blog. The Blog was renamed as Global Personal Branding 3E (Sub-title Enlarge, Excel and Evolve) as the earlier name "The Joys of Teaching" was not relevant anymore. Some of the top posts got more than 2,500 views and 300 + shares.
Here are the Top 10 posts which rocked the globe:-

No 1 Irene Becker-Interview with International Pioneer in Coaching "The 3Q Edge refers to three critical areas of strength that I believe are important to life and leadership in the 21st Century.  Areas of strength that can be developed/built using not only our potential but the challenges we face as catalysts for positive growth.  Q1 IQ-Intellectual capacity under stress   Q2 Emotional Intelligence   Q3 Spiritual Quotient-our alignment to our highest power, our greatest values." says Irene Becker, International Pioneer in Coaching (Read More)
No 2
Ananda Sukarlan-Interview with the Piano Maestro Hi Ananda. Tell me, what exactly do you do as a composer…

Personal Branding for Journalists

Personal Branding for Journalists
Journalists already know the power of mass media and the power of storytelling. So building a personal brand is easy for them. In fact, it is the news anchors/journalists, which actually bring audience to the respective media, with their personal reputation and brand.
The Power of Storytelling Storytelling is the easiest way to build a personal brand and journalists are great storytellers. In fact, news is actually called a news story.
Using Storytelling as a Personal Branding Tool
Social Media Tips But what journalists need to learn is the social media tips and tricks besides the principles of brand management of course. Each social media platform is unique and understanding this uniqueness and capitalizing on it is an essential step in the journey.
Personal Growth & Viral Marketing The main tool for success on social media is viral marketing (or other people sharing your content). Other people share your content when the content is excellent or they hav…

Personal Branding for Authors & Bloggers

Personal Branding for Authors & Bloggers

A book is generally considered a symbol of expertise in the subject, and in case of fiction writers, expertise at storytelling. A book is a powerful tool for personal branding and authors have an edge in that sense. For a passionate blogger, it is easy to become an author, as many bloggers collate their blog posts and convert them into their first book.
The Power of Storytelling Storytelling is the easiest way to build a personal brand. Building a personal brand can be easy for fiction authors because they are already good at the art of storytelling. Even non-fiction writers tend to be passionate about writing and their subject areas.
Using Storytelling as a Personal Branding Tool
Conveying Expertise, Passion and Thought Leadership Social Media is a great tool for authors to convey their expertise, passion and thought leadership. Book writing is a time consuming job and requires patience too. Only those who are passionate about the subject end up…