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"Magic happens to you when you do it to someone else" and Other Stories on Magic

Mini Stories on Magic   Magic happens to you when you do it to someone else "You know that you have become my magic, my savior, my Aladdin", he told her. "WOW. And I thought you were the magic in my life. Tell me the story", she asked. "The day you had come to me and asked for help in decluttering your mind, I was somehow inspired to do magic to your life. My guidances to you were my outpourings of affection. Later I realised that magic was being cast in my life too", he sounded calm and grateful. "Oh. This is the power of unconditional love perhaps", she was touched indeed. The biggest secret of life is magic requires generosity. Only when you become generous enough to cast magic on someone else's life, you find the side effect has been that magic is happening to your own life suddenly. -------------------------------- Never at the surface, Magic lies deep "I have experienced many beautiful aspects of li

"Noisy Mind is your Untold Story" & Other Stories

Mini Stories on Wisdom and Life "Noise is your untold story" "Why so much noise is there in my mind? Why my mind is so cluttered with thoughts? I feel as if I am swimming in chaos O' master", she was overwhelmed with clutter of thoughts. "Noise is the untold story. You keep suppressing pain and don't share. You fear becoming vulnerable and people taking undue advantage. You are scared of deeply personal pain getting leaked to unwanted people. All fear and pain has turned into noise and clutter. Noise is nothing but your untold story", master was wise in real sense of the term. She determined to find peace, deep peace which she deserved. She decided to share her untold stories to strangers and closest friends. And thus began her journey to Nirvana...... ------------------------------ Heart to Heart. Mind to Mind "I prefer heart to heart relationships in personal life. But some people use only mind. And some people start with th