Daily Prayer

O Lord

give me knowledge, so that I can endow
give me money, so that I can enrich
give me power, so that I can empower
give me wisdom so that I can enlighten
give me leadership, so that I can enrol
give me enthusiasm, so that I can enthuse
But you MUST
Give me refuge, so that I can enter Higher Consciousness
And merge with thee


Prayer 2

I am unconditional love and I attract unconditional love.
I am immense positivity and I attract immense positivity.
I am abundance and I attract abundance in
every sphere from everywhere.


What is Spirituality?
A Poem

Where the world looks beautiful,
and each relationship a learning for the soul.
Where every question has an answer,
Or at least points to a direction to seek.

Where every action has a meaning,
and every life has a mission.
Where every soul is a part of divine
and every devil a creation of God.

Where love extends into eternity,
Where not just mind,
but every heart and soul is without fear.
Where beliefs are only barriers to be broken.

Where every human looks beautiful,
Where there are no boundaries 
of caste, religion, nation or color,
Where everything is a mystery to be explored,
Yet no mystery beyond the soul.

Where you are aligned with universe,
And miracles a routine grace of divine.
Where love is for all, and is beyond family,
Where relationships have no tags, no definitions.

Where there is perfect joy and peace,
Where mindlessness and mindfulness co-exist,
Where every moment has to be lived in the present,
Where there are no doubts, but just faith.

Where every material is only for the growth of the spirit,
So amazingly beautiful is my world of spirituality.

Inspired by Rabindranath Tagore's poem, "Where Mind is without Fear"

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