Think On Your Feet_Stress Interviews

“Life is like a stress interview being taken by God.
If you clear a company's interview, you are promised enRICHment.
If you clear life's interview, you are promised enLIGHTenment.”

ICFAI, Pondicherry was my first full time teaching job and the motivation levels were of course very high. Once we had organised an inter college festival and I decided to contribute through an event called ‘Think on your feet’ which was similar to stress interview or required spontaneous answers to awkward and unexpected questions. I got a very enthusiastic response from the students and that’s how my interest in stress interviews began.

I have done lot of stress interviews and have had hilarious experiences. Let me share few of those experiences.

1. A group of donkeys led by a lion will win over a group of lions led by a donkey." I told my student in the stress interview. What you want to be, a lion or a donkey, I asked. He said, 'Donkey.' I could not continue with the stress interview for obvious reasons.

2.Me- Is everything fair in love and war?
   Student-Yes Sir
   Me-Supposing you are in love with a woman and she already has a boyfriend. So you will murder him
   Student-No Sir
   Me-But you only said everything is fair.

3. Given a choice, you would prefer to be over emotional or over logical, I asked my co-passenger.
   She gave a smart answer. I would prefer to be over-logical and marry an over-emotional man. (Best of both worlds)

4. Me-You are unfit for stress interviews. Why have you come?
    Student-That means you will ask me easy questions (I was impressed)

5. Me-You are a bank manager and a customer walks in with pistol. He is a doctor by profession and is drunk.     How will you handle the situation?
    Student-Ask him if he has anymore pegs left? Take him outside. (What more can a drunkard want, a few more  pegs)

I told my childhood friend, "I have brought two bottles of red wine from Pondicherry. You have a choice, you can either take the old wine in unbranded bottle or you can take the new wine in branded bottle, which one will you take". He said, "Please don't take my stress interview, I am not your student.” I started wondering whether I have started conducting stress interviews unconsciously.

On seeing the above comment on my Facebook profile my friend Syed Mohd. Qasim wrote, “People in a Metro, In the elite company of exalted duffers in their immediate "official " environment are so badly squeezed of their juices that they are left with no enthusiasm even for dal roti (Indian food) for which they suffer the agony of leaving their native places and join the not so august companies .........but that’s the modern day dilemma ...stress interviews are not required ....everything stresses anyway”

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