Finding the Purpose of Your Life

“When people fundamentally transform their inner attitude, awaken to their life’s mission and bring forth their highest potential, they can change everything.”
Dr Daisaku Ikeda

You get a good job. Few years pass, you get bored. You get an even better job, few more years pass and you again get bored. After all what is that which can sustain our attention forever. Why does everything which seemed so exciting, gets boring after a while? Why does this restlessness not come to an end? Why, why, why?
What is going to give me everlasting peace? When will I find something so exciting that I will wake up every morning eager to get up and immerse myself in work? When I loose in the rat race, i feel like a loser, when I win the rat race, I am still searching for something, questioning the permanence of my happiness? If losing and winning both give temporary happiness, what will give me that everlasting joy. The questions never seem to end and answers never seem close to us.
There are two things to aim at in life; first, to achieve what you want; and, after that, to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second. - Logan Pearsall Smith.
Eureka, my mentor Dr Daisaku Ikeda has the answer. He says, “Those who wake up each morning with work to accomplish and a mission to fulfil are the happiest people of all. Please exert yourselves vigorously with the determination to live each day to the fullest so that you may compose a golden diary of life.”
Nauman Sheikh, a former student, wrote something similar on Facebook, “For living a life of worthiness, one doesn't need to know what the world needs. . . One needs to know what is that one thing which makes you come alive and you just go do it. You will find the answer to what world needs i.e. it needs people who have come alive.”
“Life is the journey between who you were, and who you are meant to be.”
Raven A. Masterson
People are running because everybody is running, not knowing where they are going, why they are running. And one fine morning you get up and you realize all this while you have been making a fool of yourself. Sometimes earning money and more money for self, sometimes thinking the family needs it while the family needed something else.
Spiritual Guru, Nithya Shanti says, “God does not call the qualified. God qualifies those who follow their calling.” But the process of discovering your calling is a difficult and time consuming process. To add to the woes, you need to take risk of losing a financial stable life and get into uncertain future. Most of us Indians (and people from developing countries) have seen so much poverty for decades, so many financial struggles that anyone who risks financial stability is considered mad by society. Very few people have the courage to follow their calling under such social pressures, family responsibilities and other constraints.
As the society moves towards self-actualization, the concept of life partner will also change into the concept of mission partner. We will look for a life partner with whose mission our mission can be aligned. Like they say, “Love is not looking into each other’s eyes but looking together in the same direction.”
Dr Daisaku Ikeda says, “A life lived without purpose or value the kind in which one does not know the reason why one was born is joyless and lacklustre. To just live, eat and die without any real sense of purpose surely represents a life pervaded by animals.”
Happiness results when we listen to our deepest intuitions and pursue our most passionate interests. “Follow your bliss” says Joseph Campbell. It takes so much time to discover our life's mission. But once one has discovered it, one can't sleep; one keeps on waiting for the break of dawn. From where does so much energy and life-force comes... well God only knows?

Quotable Quotes
"If your goals and dreams don't make you uncomfortable, you're not thinking big enough!" Anonymous
"Your mission in life is where your deep joy and the world's deep hunger meet" Richard Nelson Bolles
"Tell the morning breeze that you have seen my fiery heart. Tell her that my heart's passion has burned all the thorns on my path "  Rumi
"The most important thing in life is to find out the most important thing." Suzuki

"The secret to getting funding, is to be deeply absorbed in fun-doing." Nithya Shanti

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  1. Another interesting article. Would you believe I left a good paying job to follow my dreams..with no guarantees of "health insurance". But then I remember the forefathers who came to my country..there was no corporate America and no "Health Insurance"..they made it. So will I. Cheers.

  2. Bob, I have also finally gathered the courage to follow my dreams. And I have a strange illogical confidence, that I will make it.


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