Highly Creative.................Highly Managerial

I have created a Creativity-Managerial scale (continuum). I personally believe that highly creative people (at one extreme of the scale) generally tend to be very emotional, sensitive, (and often moody) and are unsuitable for managerial jobs. 

On the other end of the scale are unemotional, not so sensitive, un-moody and uncreative people who are suited for managerial especially sales and high pressure top management jobs. All human beings are located somewhere in the middle of the scale.

But each human being has a combination of creative and managerial instincts. Students who love languages may have creative bent of mind and students who love mathematics are likely to have managerial bent of mind.

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But then we have a basic personality and an acquired personality. A person who is basically creative can develop managerial skills while a person who is basically managerial can develop creative instincts with effort.

Creative people always seek freedom while management is all about discipline and structure. Creative people always feel stifled by discipline and structures. In advertising agencies creative people are often given freedom to wear casuals.

It may be true that the (majority of) people of eastern cultures tend to have more creative and less managerial instincts while (majority of) westerners may have more managerial instincts and less creative bent of mind.

I have taught to both creative and management students and we all agreed on the indicative tendencies given below:-

Creative vs Managerial traits

Freedom vs Discipline
Emotion vs Logic
Nuances vs Bigger picture
Perfection/Idealism vs Compromise/Realism
Intrapersonal vs Interpersonal instincts

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