Clouded by Emotions; Are you About to Burst?

Clumsiness and Clouded Thinking
"Clarity can be found in the stillness. Close your eyes, connect to breath and allow yourself to just be in the moment."

Clumsiness and clouded thinking are similar disorders common in today’s young generation. The causes and impacts are very similar; the difference being clumsiness is visible in behavior while clouded thinking is mental and hence invisible. Sensitive people are more likely to suffer from these disorders due to their tendency to overreact.

Clumsiness is fundamentally lack of coordination and/or absent-mindedness. The main cause is anxiety which is generally due to lack of emotional fulfilment. As the society becomes more and more materialistic, such disorders (due to dissatisfied emotional needs) are bound to increase because we are feeling deprived of the love, tenderness and affection we need.

Clouded/Foggy thinking is a confusion and the inability to think with one’s usual speed or clarity, including feeling disoriented and having difficulty paying attention, remembering, and making decisions.Clouded thinking is disturbed thinking due to anxiety or dissatisfied emotional need. The typical symptoms are forgetting what one was just going to do, constantly being distracted by feelings of sad-loneliness, finding it hard to work and concentrate and finding everything a monumental task.

Here are some techniques to handle clumsiness and clouded thinking:-
• Focusing too much on your being clumsy will make you more stressed and make you even clumsier, so ignore it.

• If one is tired and has inadequate sleep it will increase the clumsiness and rest is required in such cases. Even meditation can be helpful in treating the root cause, which is stress.

• Exercises and games requiring hand/eye coordination can be useful in improving one’s reflexes and make one less clumsy. Activities like tennis and Ping-Pong are particularly good for hand/eye coordination.

• Use the power of visualization. Imagine the most graceful animal that you can think of? A cheetah? An eagle?" Imagine yourself as that animal or bird. Feel how every muscle in your body works together. Feel the wind in your face as you soar through the air in perfect balance. Practice this visualization for five to ten minutes whenever your self-esteem is low (because of an episode of clumsiness)

• If the root cause of the clumsiness and clouded thinking is disturbance in personal relationships and lack of emotional fulfillment, put your emotions at the right place. Make lot of friends, share your ups and downs with them (avoid doing it at office and maintain professional relationships) and put your emotions in your emotional anchors like parents, siblings and close friends. Join an NGO. Do acts of kindness to strangers.

If you occasionally suffer from clumsiness and clouded thinking, there is nothing to worry. It only shows you are sensitive and you need the affectionate care of a close relationship.

If it has become too frequent, the time may have come to visit a psychiatrist.


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