Beauty and Charisma Through Meditation

“Those who have even a little control over their thoughts and speech will have a calm, serene, beautiful, charming face, a sweet voice and their eyes will turn brilliant and lustrous. “
Swami Sivananda

If you have traveled enough you cannot help noticing the beautiful skin of Japanese women? What blesses them with such beautiful, clear and fair complexions? It comes from a combination of their inner beauty and very natural care regime.

(Interesting book on this topic, Inner Peace Outer Beauty: Natural Japanese Health and Beauty Secrets Revealed by Michelle Dominique Leigh)

I feel one can look beautiful naturally, if one has inner beauty. When one has peace within, the face being the index of the mind reflects that as peace.

Inner beauty comes from a stress free mind and a confident, giving personality. Someone has rightly said, worry is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere.

Physical beauty reaches its full bloom and slowly fades but inner beauty does not. Sometimes you look at middle aged or old women like former Miss India Nafisa Ali and find them more beautiful or graceful than many young women. What counts for permanent and true beauty is what you are inside, the peace that you hold inside your heart. It makes our skin glow, brings a smile on our face and can also make us look and feel younger.

Gaining inner peace does not cost money, but may cost some time. It is important to de-stress regularly because introspection is not possible in a clouded mind. It can be as simple as taking a walk by yourself and focusing on just observing and absorbing the sights, the sounds and the smells you encounter along the way. Or closing your eyes for five minutes not to take a nap but to make your mind blank. We all have been told as children to think of all the good we did during the day before sleeping at night. 

Writing a diary sometimes brings perspective and clarity. The idea to establish an active communication with our own conscience becomes easy with practice.

Gaining inner beauty requires only commitment to set some time for yourself and to connect your mind to everything that is around you. So my dear friends, be beautiful, not just on the surface, but also from within. It will create a charisma that will last forever. 

A friend posted on Linkedin, “If there is light in the soul, there will be beauty in the person. If there is beauty in the person, there will be harmony in the house. If there is harmony in the house, there will be order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world.”


Dr Amit Nagpal, PhD is a Business Storyteller, Speaker and Digital Storytelling Coach. He is one of the pioneers of digital storytelling in India. After working for more than two decades in academics, and corporates (including publishing, television and digital marketing), he realised teaching is meditation and storytelling is his Nirvana.

He is also Chief Inspirational Storyteller at AL Services. AL Services has co-created stories of some of the most inspiring people in India and abroad. He tweets at @DrAmitInspires.


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