I am the POWER, the POWER of Universe

Let me share the best quote I have read in the recent times which hit straight at my heart.”Just change the pictures in your mind from worst possible outcomes to best possible outcomes, visualize the joy of having it now and then slowly release all attachment to the outcomes. Appropriate words and actions will follow with unprecedented power.”
Why do we imagine the worst possible outcomes all the time, why so many fears, so many doubts, so many insecurities we live with. Why the simple facts of life require years to be absorbed, why are we so foolish, while we have the potential of God himself (to become the Buddha.)
Why not make a list of everything that we want in life. Pray to God as if we have already received it, “Thank you God for giving me the promotion, the right life partner, a beautiful home and so on.” And then see the powers, the miracles that happen.
While you visualize this, keep on repeating, “I am the power, the power of universe.” Now get ready for the miracles of positive visualization. Make a collage of positive photographs or internet images, look at each image and absorb it in your mind. Immerse yourself completely in the experience as if each cell of your body is involved.
Spiritual guru Nithya says, “When we align ourselves with our inner being, then coincidences and miracles abound. We become so shiny and attractive; the universe cannot stop winking at us.”
How do we maximize the power and benefits of visualization. Develop high faith, calm our mind, be smart yet unmanipulative (leave some things to God) and trust that the results will come sooner or later. Do not expect overnight miracles but persist.
As our mind is a wild horse, we should not whip it by feeding negative emotions, but give it the fodder of positive emotions:-affection, joy, respect, appreciation, love and so on and we are ready to win the race of life while enjoying each gallop. And we must not forget to thank God once in a while and remember him without any selfish agenda. Everyone including God and Universe love gratitude.


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