Mastering the Law of Attraction (The Secret)

Using Spiritual Tools to Master the Law of Attraction
“Everything you want is out there, waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you but you have to take action to get it. The universe wants you to succeed.”
Jack Canfield
Law of Attraction simply states that we attract into our life whatever we focus on. To whatever objects or ideas, we give our energy and attention, comes back to us sooner or later. If we are focused on the good and the positive, we attract more of good and positive and if our focus is on the lack and negative, we attract more negativity and shortage in our life.
Understanding the law of attraction is the key to creating the life of our dreams. Law of Attraction is a scientific principle, like law of gravity. By properly applying its principles in our lives, it will help us get whatever we want. By consciously working with the law of attraction, we can create exactly what we desire with minimum effort and maximum joy.
But mere understanding the law will not work. It has to be combined with necessary action. First we need to determine what we really want out of life. The three key areas that need to be looked into are; clarity, purpose, and action.
Clarity-To gain clarity, you need to understand your passions, your priorities in life and why you are here on this planet. Meditation can give you clarity of thinking and in case you have a clouded thinking problem, it can help you overcome it.
Purpose-As a second step, you need to draft a purpose statement with your dreams and goals. We have seven key areas in our lives: personal, relationships, health and body, careers and education, recreation, financial, and contribution, which need to be looked into. Also prepare a list of positive affirmations that will help you reinforce what you want and get this strongly imprinted on your subconscious. The emotional strength for perseverance and the wisdom for taking right decisions will come through meditation and prayer.
Action-The third step is action. Meditation gives you the wisdom to take the right action as well as the intuition to choose right options in life. This law says that you will attract into your life whenever you give your energy, attention and focus. The hardwork and smartwork which you now do with positive energy, alertness (awareness and attention) and complete focus & concentration will bring unexpected rewards and abundance. Jack Canfield says: “The law of attraction allows for infinite possibilities, infinite abundance, and infinite joy. It knows no order of difficulty, and it can change your life in every way.”
Immense positive energy and vibrations are required for the law of attraction to work which can only come through spiritual tools. All negative emotions like anger, guilt, grudges and so on, have to be released and positive emotions like gratitude have to be filled in our mind. Any kind of negative emotions will get in the way of you actually attaining your dreams. With negative thoughts, energy and emotions, you will not be able to focus on your goals and develop the belief that you can do it.
It is difficult to remove negative emotions so filling yourself with positive emotions ensures that negative emotions are forced to leave. There is no place left for them under an inner atmosphere of appreciation, gratitude and joy.
Visualization is a very effective tool to shift our mental pictures from negative to positive. It would be a good idea to maintain a book of visuals relating to your dreams and desires. Keep pasting the pictures that match your dreams; a beautiful home near the beach, a loving partner, affectionate children, a plush office; it can be anything that you desire.
A basic spiritual principle of taking responsibility for your actions and stopping the blame game will help you in releasing your grudges and resentment. “I change, Everything changes” philosophy will change your life completely and start bringing positive people and circumstances in your life. We need to realize that to change things on an external level; we must first make necessary internal changes. We do not have a destiny and the role of luck is very limited as we only create our destiny through our thoughts, emotions and actions.
Once you make these inner changes, you will start reconnecting with your inner truth and wisdom. You will start trusting your intuition, honoring your emotions and develop heightened level of awareness. By trusting in supreme consciousness, god or higher power, you will be able to let go and start developing real faith, gratitude and joy. Jack Canfield says that by mastering the law of attraction we can change the way we think, change our life and change the world. He adds that we are all here for a reason and the world needs what we have to offer.

Happy Attracting
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  1. I totally agree with this awesome law shared by you. What you focus on comes back to you in miraculous and unexpected ways... the method of following this law has been explained with much simplicity ..:)


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