Do You Want to be Different?

"If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it." ~Albert Einstein
All of us want to be different, often different for the sake of being different, without understanding the why and how of being different. The fear of getting lost in the crowd can be sometimes so intimidating that one is ready to do all silly and funny things to appear different.
I remember a wonderful story in an English textbook of school days. There was a man who wanted to be different. So one day he decided that he will call chair as table and table as clock and clock as wall. He decided to create his own vocabulary to be different.
After some time he forgot the original vocabulary and whenever he would go to the market, if he wanted to buy a chair, he said that he wanted a table. As expected, no shopkeeper understood his vocabulary and there was lot of misunderstanding. After a while the world declared him mad. Well, he had to pay a high price for being different.
As they say, "Just being yourself, being who you are, is a successful rebellion." If you want to be different by not following the herd mentality and carve a unique identity for yourself, there is nothing wrong in it. If you want to choose an off the track career or want to walk off the beaten track, it is fine but answering the why is important. Do you want it for the sake of adventure or thrill or just to impress people?

We are often not clear what we want in life and spend decades trying to figure it out. It is repulsive to see some people attract attention by being different in an illogical way and try to get negative or easy publicity. Are there not enough people in the world trying to make a fool out of us, why make a fool of ourselves?
I once wrote on Facebook, “The funny thing about life is that everyone wants to be different. But when you actually become successful and different 'you have become indifferent to the idea of being different'.”
Celebrities feel irritated by the fact that they can’t move and shop like a common person and wherever they go, they attract crowds and can no more enjoy privacy and anonymity. Sometimes they go abroad and travel to distant places to enjoy anonymity. After becoming different, you again want to be an anonymous layperson.

Life always moves in a circle. It starts with an urge to diverge and ends up with an urge to merge, to feel and consider oneself as one small particle of the universe.

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  1. This is very true ... in fact I am able to connect this with a lot of person around me, to some extent even me :-)
    I liked the quotes in this blog .

  2. Thanks Parimal. We all want to separate ourselves from the crowds, sometimes by funny means.

  3. More things to think about on a Friday. :)

  4. Bob you are a bit too different in any case, the Bubble-Bubbly Bob


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