Interesting People in My Life - I; Andrea Sobotka, Critter Doc

Andrea Sobotka, Animal Spirit Wisdom

“I have noticed that the Universe loves gratitude. The more grateful you are, the more goodies you get. When I say ‘goodies,’ I don’t mean only material things. I mean all the people, places, and experiences that make life so wonderfully worth living.” - Louise L. Hay
Yes I am trying to be grateful to the God or the higher power and coming across people like Andrea, is making life wonderfully worth living.

Andrea Sobotka is an Leadership & Management Specialist and Business Development Consultant. Well that’s the boring, traditional part. The interesting part is that Andrea is also an intuitive and works with animal spirits and animal rescue. She calls herself Critter Doc and has an owly smile ~;o} always ready, between her messages for me.

What is animal spirit wisdom, readers must be wondering. I am borrowing few lines from Andrea’s website to explain exactly what she means, “We all are blessed with the presence of loving Spirit Animal Guides, also known as Power Animals or Animal Totems. They are present to protect, guide, heal, and teach us. They have not forgotten the Law of Nature as Gaia, Mother Earth, intended. They are here to help us remember and awaken to our true selves and the beauty of living and working in harmony with each other, the Earth, and nature.”
Interestingly she knows three languages, Canadian English, American English (private note-Andrea, please tell me the difference between the two, I thought the difference was only between British and American English) and the most important, the language of animals.
Andrea is always ready to pull my leg and once told me that while your facebook photograph was lively, the linkedin groups' photo looked too serious. I followed her advice and duly changed my photo on Linkedin. (I am not regretting the decision.) She once suggested that, you should meditate upon an owl’s photograph to increase your wisdom. Well Andrea (on a lighter note), I am not sure whether it has increased my wisdom or not, but it has made me nocturnal of course.
When I asked her for advice on my upcoming website, in her typical animal rescuer style, she replied, “Best advice is learn enough to be dangerous ~;o}  XXOO"
Meanwhile inspired by Andrea’s 'Critter Doc', I have nicknamed myself Detox Doc (Detoxify your mind, heart and soul).
“Some bonds have been lost with people staying within few kilometers, some bonds have developed with people staying thousands of kilometers away. Life is a mystery”
This is one of my recent facebook status updates and is inspired by Andrea. I have connected so well with her in hardly an year’s time (without meeting her), it is a surprise for me even.
Hugs Andrea, take care........................................of the animal world.

A Brief Profile
Andrea stays in Phoenix, USA. Currently she is playing two roles in the theatre of life, she is Volunteer at Liberty Wildlife Rescue Center and co-owner at Fitness Fundraisers LLC.

To know more about Andrea and her work:-

Spirit Animal Wisdom
Facebook Page


  1. Thank you Dear Detox Doc! You are most kind and I am glad to have you in my virtual life as well ~;o}
    Andrea (Critter Doc)

  2. Welcome Andrea, critters are blessed to have an affectionate caretaker like you.


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