Spiritual Journeys

“Inch by inch life's a cinch. Yard by yard life is hard” Anonymous

Since me and my boss Brigadier C. Mukesh stay in Faridabad (Near New Delhi, India), we travelled together to office regularly and I named these journeys, “Spiritual Journeys” The journeys have been simply enlightening. I will share some of the most profound lessons.

Once he told me that we should strive for excellence and not for perfection. Draupadi (a character in Indian epic Mahabharata) wanted a perfect husband and therefore her marriage to five husbands was a punishment. Since no single man could have all the qualities she desired, she was married to five husbands.
One day I told him that my mission was to start an educational NGO of my own and I feel I am not doing anything in that direction. He reassured me saying that you are working in education sector and learning so many skills in your job which would all contribute to your long term mission.

One simple spiritual exercise he told me was to open any random page of Bhagwad Geeta (Holy Book of Hindus) and if one opens it with full faith, one will get the answers for the day’s problems. I started doing that exercise with Gosho (Buddhist Holy Book) and started getting the desired answers.

Once he quoted Vivekananda (renowned Indian Spiritual Guru) that our view of life depends on where we stand. If one is spiritually highly mature then one is like a man standing on the peak of the mountain. One sees lot of beauty and openness around oneself. If one is at the bottom of the mountain, one sees only rocks and one feels the world is ugly.

He used the simile of mountain to explain how to make difficult things easy. He said, “When you have to do a difficult task and it appears like a mountain, just break it into pieces or rocks. As you finish one part at a time or climb one rock at a time, you will soon reach the top and the peak will not look so scary and difficult to achieve.”

He always says that there are simple solutions to complicated problems. I have also realised that life is simple but the process of learning this is complicated.

I have started to believe that there are only three simple rules of life;
1) Find an emotional anchor. Mother and God are the best ones.
2) Be loyal in general and to your anchor in particular.
3) With the strength gained from your anchor, keep fighting (as life is a struggle and one has to win against all the odds.)


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