Feminism and the Deep Female Anguish

Happy Womens' Day to all women I know and the ones I do not know. I do not like feminism (and I like equality) as any ‘ism’ creates divide or shows a divide exists.

Womankind has been an affectionate companion and friend to us and is always there to comfort us in the darkest times. Three cheers for the womankind.

The battle of the sexes is probably as old as the history of humankind.Since mankind has exploited and dominated womankind for several centuries, women are up in arms against men, fighting for equality and giving rise to feminism among women (and some, understanding men too). I feel that mankind has been devilish and womankind godly nurturer. Sadly, now women want to be as devilish as men. Is it the solution? Is copying men and doing all stupid things men do, something appreciable? I have my doubts. Any act of revenge is like digging a well for your own self in any case. Women are emotionally strong and wiser than men in so many ways. Please don’t jump in the same well, men are already into and use your intelligence.

The recent newspaper article that Indian men do not treat their women as equals may be true in many ways. But India is also a country which has worshipped women, specially the mother avatar. In south India, a pregnant woman is treated like a goddess as she is about to give birth and do a godly act. In fact still many girls are named as ___Devi (goddess) in our country, a privilege available only to RamDev and spiritual men.

The deep anguish which females have about the stereotypes, the domination, the lack of equality in property and social matters has to be handled sensitively. Men have their own issues, which women need to ponder on “If I am the head of the family, I need to have some privileges (along with responsibilities), exact equality is not possible, the world is not safe for women and I can’t make it safe and so on” Men need immense wisdom to handle the new woman, with the deep anguish.

Men are often physically strong and women often weak and some such stereotypes will remain for a long time to come (not forever). Even western society which is much more liberal and equal compared to eastern world is publishing books, “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” furthering the existing stereotypes. Another, School of Men says, “If women want equality, we want homosequality, the oppposite gender attraction is coming to an end.The division of labour and role clarity is coming to an end” It is becoming a serious situation and Adam-Eve equations are at its lowest. Is there a solution? Is it possible that true equality will emerge where no one will try to dominate the other? It’s very difficult but not impossible. The levels of human consciousness have to go up, for such a thing to happen. I have seen such equality and mutual respect, in the spiritual people (and sometimes rare, mature couples)

Who knows I might be born as a woman in the next birth and have the same anguish? A woman friend once told me, “Even God is a male and is completely biased” Well, I am not the authority to comment on God. I can only say, “May God give men the wisdom to treat their women with respect and affection, which they truly deserve.”

The woman seems to be telling her man,“Come and feel me, Come on heal me”
Let us heal the old wounds and create new beginnings.

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