No Fear, No Doubt

A Poem dedicated to my mentor Dr Daisaku Ikeda

The clouds have gone, the mind is clear;
The hope is strong, the destination near,
The miracles abound; the past may hound,
If you are with me, I have no fear.
My mentor says, no fear no doubt,
If the world acts deaf, you have to shout

I have walked enough, I want to run,
Nothing now will be left half done,
One ally may join, one friend may go,
But with my mentor and almighty, the spirit is gung ho,

The life may play chess with me,
But it can no more mess with me
Sometimes I feel, it’s too good to be true,
But life always gives, the bolts from the blue,

Life is going to be, more winnings and winnings,
No ifs and buts no underpinnings
The tears had dried, the heart was stone,
But when facade was gone, the brilliance shone.

Emotions now have a sense of balance,
The soul is now high in valence,
The storms may come and hurricanes may run,
But what stands now can’t be undone.

You may use all your might,
Till my last breath, I will continue to fight
If I die, my last request,
The world should say, he was at his best.

Nothing in this world is a coincidence,
My entire life is finally making sense,
God forgive me, I have cursed you so much,
Now I can stand on my own, I need no crutch..

Many lessons I have learnt after the mistakes,
But in the film of life there are no retakes
Sadness I have pushed, in a corner of the heart,
No time to crawl, life is now a spurt


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