The Joy of Life

Some of you may have wondered how come I thought of this title for my Blog. I must thank my maternal uncle who had once gifted us this book called, “The Joy of Life” (Author Philip B. Kunhardt Jr, Published by Little Brown/Time Magazine.) It was a wonderful book with photographs on different aspects of life and their joys.

It started with the joys of discovering everything as a baby and a child, the games of childhood, the love of teenage, the charms of a new marriage, the joys of parenting and so on.The chapters were named Beginnings, A Child's World, Growing Up, The Great Outdoors, Loving, Simple Pleasures, Our Animal Friends, Steppin' Out, Miracles and Generations.

Taken from the pages of Life Magazine, the book has more than 250 stunning pictures which explore the wonders and joys of life. As the book's flap cover says, "In a chapter called 'Miracles' a number of hard to believe events are shown and the heart soars. This is a book about goodness and beauty. It is about happiness and hope......In our trouble-filled world, what a relief it is to turn these pages."

The book had a huge impact on me by its portrayal of life being so joyful and the fact that most of these joys were not dependent on money. But our society has become too focused on money as if no joy was possible without money. I remember the joy of Pondicherry, the charms of a new culture, new food, new traditions-customs, it was such an adventure.

I have had so many experiences and met such interesting people which did not require much money. Life has unbounded possibilities and jubilation come in many sizes and guises. Many of us at many times overlook the joys of discovery, the wonders of nature, the universe and human existence.

There is a wonderful mystical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life -- happiness, freedom, and peace of mind -- are always attained by giving them to someone else.

The joy of giving is one of the biggest joys of life. Almost all the renowned actors, sportspersons, rich industrialists and other successful people start looking for joy in giving and contributing to society. For once your own desires are almost satisfied you want to give back to the society for both; fulfillment of a sense of duty and joy.

Happiness is all about attitude, attitude of finding joy in small things and small wonders of nature. The biggest sources of happiness like watching the sea, falling in love, holding a baby in your arms and so on come free.
But finding lasting happiness needs spiritual maturity. Once you develop the attitude that each joy is a moment of bliss and each sorrow is a learning experience, you find permanent happiness, which is independent of relationships and situations.

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  1. the joy of small things is often ignored as money takes the lead in everything. From relationships to requirements, money plays a significant role that cannot be ignored. But the post somehow made my money-oriented mind focus on minor joys that went unnoticed in between. Thanks once again for posting such beautiful articles that open up minds, makes vision clear and invites new energies within.


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