The Story Behind My Book, by Sanjeev Kumar

3E Story Blogathon Post #26 by Sanjeev Kumar

For Day 26 of the 3E Story Blogathon, Sanjeev shares the story about his book.

Long time ago, when I was In India, I had a profound interest in enhancing my deep thinking process but my life was totally different. I was engaged much more in medical practice, but along with my practice I used to read wonderful l books. Later on I realized that reading those books created more illusion.

As soon as I landed in Canada after immigration (after intense suffering), my thought process got much matured & sharper because it was not hard struggle but rather my evolution. It depends upon us, how we look at things though. 

I practiced medical profession in Canada for a while but I wound up my practice very soon due to lack of satisfaction. I never liked this profession ever in my life because I was not made for the medical profession. Everyone of the planet has a life purpose, so I should have one too.

In the mean time, while doing odd jobs in Canada, I met a western monk. I was looking for something which could bring satisfaction in my life, but my life was going in a different direction. As soon as I started sharing my thoughts with him, he became a friend of mine & understood my thought process deeply. It was the manifestation of nature to connect with the right person. I started living with him in deep forest in Canada, where he connected me with the ocean, mountains, rocks, water and nature. I began to appreciate nature as if they were my family members & got totally absorbed in the nature. 

I lived with the monk for 2 years continuously , where we used to share our thoughts everyday for 15 hours in a day, we used to meditate or live in the present moment in the nature where one won’t find anything’s except birds, water or nature . It was a totally different experience. 

Later on when I started doing meditation regularly for a longer period of time & kept connecting with nature , the beautiful & wonderful thoughts kept popping into my mind and encouraged me to discover or explore something new. Gradually I thought that I should have written a book to collect all those thoughts, but it must be based on living in the present moment. When I was a child, I had suffered badly because I was living in the past or future & not able to in live in the present moment, therefore I never focused in the class and it hampered my performance causing mental agony. 

Have you ever noted that, wherever you go people talk more about past or future like my father was a king or my mother was this or that ,it is totally futile & useless because it has nothing to do with you in this moment. If you are living in the past or future, it is a waste of time & energy. I realised people are creating their own suffering. Since I had been through the suffering of living in the past or future, I thought that why could not I write down a book in which I try to help people live in the moment. 

My intention of writing this book is to bring transformation & focus to live in the present moment . I realized that mind is creation of all suffering because mind is thought or thought is mind & we go for 65,000 thoughts everyday but 99.99 percent thoughts are useless or worthless or unproductive. Most of the thoughts are futile as they are full of illusion or separation. 

Whatever thoughts pop up in my mind during meditation, I kept writing down but my main sharing of thoughts began when I started lecturing to western people in Canada & America. The questions raised and discussed made me learn too. Most of the ideas expressed in my book are based on my learning during my interactions with my disciples. 

I have never read any spiritual books in my life. Books can be helpful in only initiating the journey, but its onle contemplative practices like meditation which help s find the answers.

As we know that universe is a great & infinite library where you find unlimited knowledge. My own knowledge did not come from the books of others but from within.

The whole purpose of my writing this book is for transformation not for education, but I cannot transform others until & unless I transform myself. I do not want that you should learn at all, but whatsoever you have learnt so far, you need to unlearn them & throw all borrowed knowledge which you collected from books or scripture because it is not yours. You have the power of creation, which you can use & become discoverer or explorer on your journey. 

In my book also, I have highlighted the fact that every seeker has to become a discoverer or explorer and not depend on others.
SANJEEV KUMAR is a recognized worldwide Spiritual Teacher and deep thinker. His extensive research on the power of the present moment is helpful for everyone on this planet. He lived with monks and gained profound knowledge. He is an acknowledged leader in this field. His spiritual evolution started a long time ago, when he had a near-death experience and a nervous breakdown. All of sudden he realized that there is always life after death. Learn more about him here


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