Follow Your Dreams-A True Story by Lipsa Mohanty

3E Story Blogathon Post #19 by Lipsa Mohanty

For Day 19 of the 3E Story Blogathon,  Lipsa Mohanty shares her story of how she shifted from stressful Monday mornings to beautiful Monday mornings. She also shares, how she was finally able to follow her dreams.

Follow Your Dreams 
or else be ready for the Monday morning

The alarm rings … a stressful Monday Morning again! 

With my eyes still closed, I tried to stretch my hands and reach my phone to shut it off and buy more time to sleep. While I gripped the phone as though it was an assault weapon and pushed it under the pillow, the phone rang with the second alarm. With one eye still closed and one eye open, I took the phone out from under the pillow to check the time. It was time for the marathon again. 

I literally pushed myself out of the bed, somehow managed to got ready in minutes. The newspaper and breakfast had no place in my day as the cab was about to be there anytime. 

The previous day had been tough, long hours and a day packed with heated arguments and discussions in the office. I was in no mood to go to office but not having any choice in hand, just dumped myself in the backseat of the car heading to my client’s place. 

The drive from my place to the client’s place was a good hour drive. The weather was pleasant outside as it had rained the night before and I had to catch the Mumbai express high way. Undoubtedly the drive was pleasant but my mind was not. The phone rang and the caller id flashed “Dad”. It was like a piece of ice on a burnt area of your body as I anticipated it to be a call from my boss. Even before I could say a hello … the first line that came was “Dad I am tired ... Can’t take it anymore ... I don’t know what to do … I don’t think I ever wanted this for myself.”

Listening to this the only response that I got in return from my father was “Follow your Dreams” ending with a soft and warm tone. Those three words sounded like magic. Tears of joy, compassion and a reassured feeling of comfort and security started rolling down my cheeks. I did make my feelings obvious to him. 

That one hour turned out to be the most crucial times of my life. And three questions hit me: Was this the lifestyle I wanted?  Is this the work which I would love doing till my last breadth? Will I be happy to see myself after few years down the line?

Answers to all the questions came to be a clear ‘NO’. 

It was a struggle to accept this ‘NO’ because my mind was very happy to dominate me. For a change, my heart was trying to speak louder than the mind. I knew I had different dreams. 

It was the magical moment, when my heart could finally shut my mind off. To my surprise, the very next moment all my fears, apprehensions, negativity just vanished and powerful thoughts of creativity, ambition and aspirations came from nowhere. 

The car stopped near the gate. Untill then I had no clue what would be my next action. I got out of the car, walked towards the check gate, walked up to the receipt ion area heading towards the conference room. I was a complete robot. I was now at ease and with no mental noise. 

I opened my laptop and opened my mail box. The mouse automatically went to the “compose” button and I typed “I quit” and the very next moment I saw it in my sent items. 

I had no clue what happened. All I know was it was a beautiful Monday morning! 
Lipsa Mohanty is Founder, Corporate-a-sramah, a platform to explore, discover and understand the concept of Science, Spirituality & Management. It organizes and facilitates talks by and with Leaders and Experts. She is based in New Delhi, India. Learn more about Lipsa here


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