Simple People Can Become Successful Too- A Story by Chandrasekhar Ranade

3E Story Blogathon Post #20 by Chandrashekhar Ranade

For Day 20 of the 3E Story Blogathon,  Chandrashekhar Ranade shares his story of how he became a successful entrepreneur and L-earner, in spite of all the constraints imposed by life.

Dear Friends, 

This is the moment I have been looking for long-to share my story so that some simple people like me reading this story may get inspired to be Smarter Communicators, do well and lead more satisfying lives. 

I speak from the center of My Universe. I have arrived and am very successful. I have found the reason for being born on this earth. It is very simple. My life purpose is to L-Earn. Learn to inspire people into being smarter communicators, for communication is the key to Progress. It was in 1997 that in one of my lucid dreams I saw this statement, “If I do not Inspire ... I expire!” 

The only thing left for me now is to keep on communicating with the rest of the Universe. By communication I mean is to keep an open mind, appreciate other people’s efforts, ask open ended questions, make people open up and share their dreams. For it is only when they open up and express their desires, things start happening. 

How do I do this? Mainly by communicating in a relaxed way through body language and smiles. 

There are three types of learners, viz. Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. I happen to be a strongly Visual L-Earner. Hence I learn faster through reading and drawing. Since the age of 10 years (I am 51 now), I have been a voracious reader and doodler. In this life time I can safely claim that I have read almost entire libraries! As I say this, all the libraries that I have gone through flash through my mind. And I feel inspired. 

At the same time I am reminded of Tony Buzan’s book on Sspeed reading. After having read this book, I had a strong feeling that had I come across this book earlier, my life in general and academics in particular would have been in different shape altogether. They have gone through a lot of anguish to make me a doctor. Anguish, since we did not know my learning style .The moment I found my learning style I started doing well in life. This anguish is something, which many students and their families can certainly avoid and the waste of time and energy too. 

Of the many life changing books, I have come across, `Your Super Self ‘by Charles Givens is the most outstanding. I prepared a list of my impossible dreams, values and SMART goals as suggested by the author .Today the logo of my company is a transparent Pyramid. It is my Impossible dream to build a Pyramid shaped Meditation center made of Crystal glass at Santorini , Greece. Next one is to own a Satellite under the name of Guru L-earning systems. This satellite is going to transmit only Motivational programmes without any advertisements! Most of my L-Earning maps including mind maps have a satellite in the center! 

Some of the life changing books that have helped me become successful include 1. `Goals ‘by Brian Tracy, 2. `What to say when you talk to yourself ‘ by Shad Helmstter,` 3. Awaken the Giant within ‘ by Tony Robbins , 4.`NLP at work ‘ by Sue Knight , 5.` Get the life you want ‘ by Dr. Richard Bandler, 6.Tony Buzan’s books and of course 7. ` Accelerated Learning for the 21st. Century by Colin Rose and Malcolm Nicholl . 8. Richard Bach’s Illusions ’ and ` Jonathan Livingston Seagull , (besides the Bhagwad Geeta which have helped me gather courage to get out of the rat race).In fact there are many more of them, as I have scanned entire libraries. 

To summarize, I am a dedicated L-earner and intend to be so...even in my next life! 
Chandrashekhar is Director GuRu L-Earning Systems, Ahmedabad, India. He wishes to be a dedicated L-earner and intend to be so, even in his next life. Learn more about Chandrashekhar here

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