A Soul’s True Journey- A Story by Dhara Kothari

3E Story Blogathon Post #17 by Dhara Kothari

For Day 17 of the 3E Story Blogathon, well known spiritualist and storyteller Dhara Kothari shares a story of a soul. Let me keep the details secret and not spoil the climax.

Let me tell you a story......

There was once a soul that had made a long arduous journey through space and time, then finally rested to contemplate on finishing the final leg of its journey. Its home was high in the dimensional ladder where it rested. 

The final journey, the final climb, would be difficult the soul recognized it, but what’s hard for you and I was not the same for this soul. You see the final part of the journey is not physical but purely spiritual. It is like solving a riddle, whose answer is right there but not visible as yet. 

What could be the answer? What was the last piece of block that needed to be removed? 

The soul decided it needed to be in absolute solitarily boundary to be able to solve the final riddle. This was possible only through restrictive movement. To cut off all urges and emotions, to throw the final dice on the life’s board game of Moksh Patam or Gyanbazi. Life after all was just a game, a game of emotions being played and the dices were the karmic influencers. 

The soul then walked into a garden and decided to spend an entire day. One day of that dimension could be stretched to as many years on Earth. It could be one lifetime or several. But this soul set a day spend in meditation would equal to one Earthly life, and that too not a long one. The one day of absolute and pure meditation would remove any other pending obstacles, and the realization would then shine forth. 

Living a life on Earth was a gamble, a dangerous risk the soul had ventured into. 
After reaching the spiritual heights, going back was fraught with dangers that could undo everything realized so far. It was a test, a penance, a challenge to live on the Earthly plane and yet not waver from its true destination. If the soul could pass through this, it knew the road would then be straight and the final dimension just ahead. The soul became like the arrow that needed to be pulled back a little on the bowstring, to be released to hit the mark accurately and swiftly. The bowstring pull back was the one life on the middle plane, the Earth. 

The soul was born on Earth amidst chaos. It was side-tracked for a while but always knew it was different, not meant to be there but was present. The Earthly environment was not conducive for the soul. Despite all odds, it had to survive. The challenges were however, bigger than the soul had anticipated but several years into the life; the complete awareness dawned on the soul. The reason, the purpose, the goal, everything. It had already started walking on the spiritual path being on Earth, but the dawning of the right awareness made all the difference. 

Now the soul has decided that though the time is short, it must not waver from its final end. The final years have begun, the purpose will soon be achieved, in matter of time. 

This soul is none other than the author herself, who has started a spiritual platform called Spiritual Lounge, to spread awareness of true spirituality, to heal people and to guide them to their realization the way it is meant to be. This soul is only a medium, every journey, every path is as unique as the person themselves. They create, they walk or fly and in time realize its own self. Come let’s together become a little more spiritual! Let us find our-self! Because that is all that truly matters. 


Dhara Kothari is a professional writer, spiritualist, storyteller, game designer/creator. Based in Mumbai, wishing to travel the world to spread the message of true spirituality and telling stories.. Learn more about Dhara here

You may also visit http://spirituallounge.com/



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