Personal Branding and Spirituality- Are they compatible?

3E Story Blogathon Post #21 by Oge Okosieme

For Day 21 of the 3E Story Blogathon, Oge shares the connection between spirituality and personal branding and sicusses the compatibility of the two concepts n a story format.

Questioner: What is it you do? 

Oge: I am a Personal Branding Mentor for the Spiritual Entrepreneur 

Questioner: (with a confused look on the face) What does spiritual have to do with branding and marketing?

This response is not unusual and is captured in this question by someone who had written in to ask about my website 

Questioner: Hi Oge, I noticed on your website that it says ‘personal branding for the spiritual entrepreneur and that got me thinking about whether spirituality and personal branding are compatible. I have read through your website and can see where you are going with this but would like a bit more of your thoughts on it 

So here is my response to the question and the confused look.

First of all, I work on the premise that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience.

My second premise is that we all have a personal brand. You may or may not be conscious of it, it's there anyway. 

So, yes, personal branding and spirituality are intertwined. Your personal brand is part of your spiritual legacy. And when I use the term 'spirituality', I am referring to it in the broadest sense of the word. (This is not about religious affiliations or any specific practices) 

Often this line of question comes from the deep rooted belief that marketing and spirituality cannot reside together. It also comes from another belief that anything with brand attached to it is a spin or insincere. This is a particularly prevalent issue with spiritual entrepreneurs who often feel that blowing their own trumpet is letting their spiritual side down and that spiritual people who are successful and have money have sold out 

That belief saddens me because personal branding is not just a great marketing tool but it is also an exciting journey of discovery into who you really are and what drives you. So it’s a combination of an inner and outer process which when processed authentically can create that inner mindset of balance and confidence that is conducive to a successful outer life. 

Imagine a world where you wake up each morning and you live your life intentionally. You are fully present because you are no longer scared of what lies within. You are confident because you can live your life on purpose. You decide who you are being and you decide what facets of your being you are going to showcase. That’s what the process of discovering your unique personal brand can do for you. For many people, not only it is a truly spiritual experience it’s a discovery that can be translated into practical everyday use. 

Here are three ways personal branding has helped me become comfortable with being me 

1. I now have a deeper relationship with myself that's based on compassion and understanding 

2. Exploring my Personal brand has given me clarity. I know what I am good at and what doesn't work and I now direct my energy on what works for me 

3. As I have embraced the spirituality of my personal brand, I have become creative and passionate about what I do 

In essence, whether you call it spiritual, enlightening, personal development or plain simple nothing, personal branding allows you to live your life intentionally, on purpose and connected to source, inner guidance, inner wisdom, God whatever you choose to call it. 

Your personal brand is an outer representation of who you are being internally. 

Yes Personal branding and spirituality are compatible or another way to view it; they are different sides of the same coin. 

Oge Okosieme is a personal branding coach and mentor for entrepreneurs on a spiritual path her primary focus is on women who want to use their business as a vehicle to make a difference 

She specialises in helping people channel their brand into packages and services that are of value to others. You can follow her on or connect with her on LinkedIn at

Her website is


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