How I Discovered My Deepest Passion- A Story by Nihar Sharma

3E Story Blogathon Post #22 by Nihar Sharma

For Day 22 of the 3E Story Blogathon, Nihar shares how she discovered her deepest passion and how it has transformed her life completely.

Not too long ago, as I got this thumping incessant feeling in my heart, I realized that there was more to it than just the thumping. There was also an occasional rumbling in my gut which often comes along whenever I thought about the outdoors & travelling. These thoughts of travel & adventure frequently invaded my mind throughout the day. And so, on this particular day I tried hard to avoid being distracted by them. I threw myself-more into my work only to find the thoughts attacking me with renewed vigour. So I decided to surrender. I thought “Ok. Just this once let me go.” I took a short trip to the mountains. Though I love my work and cherish no desire to be away from it, this trip breathed new fire into my life. 

Back at work, I believed there would be no more of these ‘distracting travel thoughts’ but it seemed my mind had other plans. The desire to travel increased, accompanied by the restlessness as soon as work finished. At the same time, something great had happened- my concentration and capabilities increased at work and I had more clarity and determination to get things done. But there was no stopping the goose-bumps I got whenever I pondered over the idea of an outing or an off-track trip and my feet began to itch to go. The sheer thought of it thrilled me, energized me and I became more alert and enthusiastic. I finished work quicker and better to ensure that I would get time to engage in some of these activities which enthused me, which included cycling, photography, travel, writing, helping others etc. Having had that acknowledgement from within myself that there’s a certain powerful energy that pulls me to these activities, it was only a revelation of the deepest of my passions- travel, adventure sports & philanthropy. 

Being in love with my training and consulting work, I couldn’t let go of the idea of aligning it with my non-work-related passions. There could be nothing more exciting than being in a profession that’s also your passion. Hence I began to search inside for what it was that I loved most about my work and what abilities I have that are most admired by clients. 

Professionally, I am not much of a chatterbox, I listen more than I talk. However, whenever I am engaged in a conversation where I can contribute constructively, I can go quite the distance. Being an entrepreneur and a trainer/coach I enjoy helping people sort out their problems and move ahead. Even when there’s no immediate solution I do manage to give cues to be picked up for new ideas to solve their problems. Sometimes, the clients themselves come out with some very creative ideas after a consultation. The revelation by them, that the problem is solved (or near a solution), shared with the crackle in their voices or smile or that glint in the eyes is satisfying beyond words. That makes life meaningful. Using my experience and expertise, I now coach individuals and entrepreneurs on behavioral and entrepreneurial skills, which gives me the satisfaction, earning and the opportunity to travel whenever I do out-of-town door interventions or assignments. 

Nihar is a Management post graduate and has over 14 years of experience across industries and functional areas. She has efficiently handled responsibilities ranging from HR & OD, Sales & Marketing, Project Management and Operations during her employment in the corporate world as well as a consultant, coach and trainer. Her clients, both within India and internationally, loudly applaud her sharp business insight and outstanding skills as a trainer, coach and consultant. She mentors the aspiring Entrepreneurs, Senior Managers and Executives on Life Skills, Business Management especially in HR & OD. She has provided her services to clients including American Red Cross Society of India, Rolls-Royce, TEVA API, Panacea, Torrent Pharma, BHEL, BEL, TCIL, Eicher, CBI and many more. 

Nihar is an avid reader, a skilled writer and an engaging speaker. She is also a practicing Pranic Healer. For more, visit,


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