Storytelling with a Spiritual Touch

Here are some musings and stories, with a spiritual touch

The Progress Story 
Small progress requires tactics.
Big progress requires strategy.

Grand progress requires blessings.
Infinite progress requires oneness.

The Self-Reflection Story 
We need breaks and vacations for reflection too.

Because the irony is, best thoughts (and inspirations) come only in a state of thoughtlessness.

Shhhh! May be the Universe is shy & it is whispering.

The Energy Story 
(Don't mind, if you do a little)

Do a little affectionately,
with loads of positive energy.
Don't do sacrifices grudgingly,
with heaps of negative energy.

Your love matters more.
Your energy counts more.
Not so much the hugeness of your acts.
Nor so much grandness of your sacrifices.

The Enlightened Soul
Sometimes her wisdom would surprise him so much, he began to joke, "You are surely an old head on young shoulders. Or are you an evolved soul on unevolved shoulders?"

Sometimes she looked playfully beautiful, and at times she looked beautifully playful. And infected by her playful energy, he would sometimes switch off the lights and tell her, "Why waste electricity, when we have 'An enlightened soul?' right here."

And she would run after him with her clenched fists thereafter.

Help Them Find their Way Home
When people around you look confused, just put yourself in their stories. They have forgotten their true nature....they have just lost their way home.

And help them connect with their inner wisdom if you can, so that they can find their way home.

Servant Leader of 'The Universe'
The day you get completely aligned with the Universe, you become its servant leader, you become its servant creator.

You don't write anymore what you have to say, you don't speak what you want to speak, you don't even control your vibes.

You just become a channel and you just convey what the Universe wants you to say. And the Universe knows best what the audience needs to hear.

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