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 Just chill, chill, just chill

First she found her thrill (passion),
Aligned it with her skill 
& began a daily drill (practice). 
Then came the realization,
'Aha! this was divine will'. 

Now all that she does is
'Just chill, chill just chill.

(Inspiration : Tresonance model by Vinit Taneja)

The Power of “Once Upon a Time”

Sometimes, "Once upon a time" puts you to a sound sleep .......sometimes it wakes you up to a life you had never imagined

Such are the ways of life

Sometimes life gives you a good deal.....and you settle down with a good stable life.

Sometimes life gives you a bad deal......and provokes you to settle for, “Nothing but the Best".

The irony of life is that by the time story ends, the good deal had remained a good deal, while the bad deal had ended up as the best deal.

Such are the ways of life, such are the twists in life stories.

The Mysterious Story

"He finally solved the mysteries of life & decided to turn the tables. This time it was life, which would find him mysterious. 

And mystery surely has the highest of charisma."

For all he could see ....
was just sea, sea and sea......

And the moment he looked at the vastness of the sea, he realized his own insignificance.

His own thoughts appeared to be small waves, his life appeared to be a mere series of high and low tides.....yet he could sense as much stillness in the depth of the sea as much as, he felt in the depths of his own soul.

The tsunami of his life had come and gone long back. Yet it had left a powerful lesson to ponder over, "To discover the hidden treasures of both the sea and the soul......one needs heaps of patience and faith." He had finally begun to live in the moment and love in the moment. 

Immersed in the joyful waves, he was in a state of trance,
For a beautiful moment, he & sea became, “One soul, One story", 

And in that oneness began a hypnotizing, captivating dance,
the mystically-magical dance of, “Sheer bliss & Pure ecstasy".

Best in each other

She was his creative inspiration. He tried his best to give her unconditional love.
And they kept bringing out the best in each other thereafter.

She began to fly above the clouds

The managers lived under the cloud of left-brained 'reality'.
The creatives lived under the cloud of right-brained 'romanticism'.

She was a leader, so she would combine both and fly high ......above the clouds? yes much much above the clouds.

The Progress Story

Small progress requires tactics.
Big progress requires strategy.
Grand progress requires blessings.


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