"Touch Me Not Or Vibe Me Not" and Other Romantic Stories

Love is an evergreen topic and one of my favourites. On Valentine's Day last year, I wrote one of my most popular posts, "7 Personal Branding Lessons You Learn By Falling in Love" This year I have decided to compile my microblogs and anecdotes on love, into a blog.

The Valentine's-Indian shtyle
The disciple, "Valentine's day is approaching. How do I find out my valentine's, or decide the right life partner?"

The Guru, "Shhhh. Let me share my secret. My Valentine's card this year says,

"When I am anywhere around you....
The 'child in me' emerges to play with 'child in you'.

You bring out my very best, my whole,
You just pull out that 'playful divine soul.'
Then the divine in me rises, and as a cue,
It bows down gracefully, to 'the divine in you'."


(Inspiration-Indian concept of 'Namaste'.

Namaste means the divine in me, bows down to the divine in you.)


One Soul, One Story  
Live in the moment,
Love in the moment.

Who cares how long does it last?
When for that one beautiful moment,
You become "One soul, One story."


Touch Me Not or Vibe Me Not -A Story of a Super-Sensitive Soul
"Why do I find it so easy to write, yet so difficult to say?", she asked herself.

And she added, "I am feeling so shy, while I am writing this. Why do I find it much easier to describe a kiss than to perform a kiss? I am a funny character for sure."

She was on her annual reflection vacation and what could be better for reflection than the majestically mysterious Himalayas. She kept questioning herself, "But then aren't we all funny and idiosyncratic in our own unique ways? Aren't we all cracked pots with cracks at different places?"

And the reader could imagine and visualize the shy author that she was. From one cursory glance at her photo even an idiot could make out that she was one of those super-sensitive souls.

Touch me not types? No, "Vibe me not" suited her more.

Oh My Goodness !!!
She looked stunning beyond description. Only one phrase befitted the epitome of inner and outer beauty that she was, 'simply divine'. Her inner beauty added an amazing aura too, to her charisma.

Her high heels caught his attention first. He found the heels funny which made her conscious, which made her look all the more cute.

He immediately began to tease her by bowing his head & addressing her as, 'Her Highness'. Then he looked at her face and it was like, "Oh My Goodness!"

She looked so breathtaking that he had to immediately sit down and take few deep breaths. After all, she had taken his breath away and left him breathless.

On top of that, she was so full of life all the time that he had begun to feel alive again.....after a long long time.

And he wished for time to come to a standstill....he was going to be soulstill in any case everafter.


When the Universe wants to make a fool of you
The inquisitive disciple asked, ''Guruji, what happens when the Universe decides to make a fool of you, in the drama of life?''

The Guru winked, ''It makes you fall in love.....You either stay lost in thoughts (don't act) or act funny. To add salt to the injury, the world has fun at your expense.''

The disciple had another question, ''What happens when the Universe wants to bless you?''

The Guru pondered for some time and says, ''It inspires you to rise in love. ClockWISE or anti(clock)wise, either way it's love that makes the world go round.''

The Pure White Story
Aha! those jet black hair, and those jet black eyes.
And on top of all that, she wore a jet black top.

She looked like a jetsetter, she looked that 'trendsetter'.
Her movements were swift, her actions were quick.

Yet even from a distance, he held the remote,
Of her beautiful heart & soul that he dote,  

For the world 'could only see', the jet black outside,
And he 'only could sense' her pure white (soul) story.


She Came and Work Became Play
"Really, he had got tired of hardwork and the slow results. She was so soulful, playful and funful (loving) that as soon as she came, the work became play.

She re-energized him and brought out his hidden playful soul. He began to ponder, "The mind finds a mindmate to argue and act foolish. Only when you become a pure soul, you deserve & find a soulmate."

And they played at work happily thereafter."

The Authentic Story
And he told her, "My dear, I love the photos in which "You are just 'You'"....the authentic self....not trying to pose for the world, as per the world. ...and then you look what you are......simply divine and it's only then you tell your true story."

Man, you never know the twist in the story
He was pulling her leg for sure and told her, ''Ahem Ahem! Why do you keep falling in love and smart people keep rising in love with you? ''. He then gave her a playful smile.

She said, ''Ahaan. I keep falling in love. ...you are right. This time i am not going to make a fool of myself. ''

He got serious and said, ''I am only saying not to fall in love. But love you must.''
He never knew the coming twist in the story.


The Soulful Story  
''They were more than 'Made for each other'. They were rather 'Storied for each other'. And together they wrote the world's most soulful story.''

The Storymate
When it came to mate , he was told that 'mate friend' and 'soulmate' were the two most searched terms on Google. Yet when he googled his soul, he found what he deeply desired was a 'Storymate'. They would together script and bring stories to life. And they would inter-weave their life stories thereafter.  

To story or not to story....wasn’t anymore the question.


The Never Ending Story  
Every heart was shot, at her first sight.
She was an inspiration, a soulful delight.
Yet she was the never ending mystery,
Coz' she was that ''Never ending story''


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