Life in Colors- Bringing both life and colors to your walls and floors

“If architecture is the prose, then interior decoration is surely the poetry.

Do your home's interiors tell a touching poem?”

Apurva Sharma is Founder of 'Life in Colors', an interior decoration studio. She is member of G Business Club, Gurgaon. She may be reached at or +91 98189-00484.

The back story
Apurva Sharma runs a business which provides designer solutions in wall papers, wooden floorings, curtains, blinds and decorative screens. She is an MBA-HR and has an experience of over 10 years in the corporate sector. Prior to starting her new venture she was Head-HR for an international consulting firm. Switching to creative entrepreneurship was a risky yet wise decision as Apurva had a natural flair and inclination to guide family and friends regarding right products for home interiors. Since her family had import management background, it was a great boon. Yet there were different kinds of challenges. As they rightly say, no challenge, no story.

From Brands to Super Brands
No, her story is not a traditional rags to riches story. It is rather a story of progressing from stocking mere brands to super brands. 

Life in colors provides high quality branded home d├ęcor stuff at a very reasonable price to its customers so that they may build a beautiful home without burning a deep hole in the pocket. In wallpaper segment, the customer has options ranging from Versace homes, Grandeco, Wallquest to York. In wooden floorings and Blinds also, there are many reputed brands to choose from. Apurva believes in providing extensive range at competitive prices, much lesser than the high end shops. 

The mystery behind high quality at reasonable price
So you are wondering, how she provides high quality collection at reasonable pricing. Let us solve the mystery by getting deeper into the story’s plot and characters.
To create high quality and wide variety, Life in Colors has tied-up with leading manufacturers around the world as well as suppliers in India. Apurva’s personal and consistent efforts have done wonders too to take the story to the heights it has achieved.
Life in Colors has developed a good volume of business, which enables it to get the best purchase deals from manufacturer/suppliers. The overheads have been intentionally kept low with measures like running a studio rather than a retail store at a mall. Mystery solved?

Sound strategies
There has been a conscious choice to restrict to Walls and Floors, so as to provide best collection in the market. The company has a strong process orientation which reduces the turnaround time and improves customer satisfaction. As a policy decision, the company does not stock low quality Indian and Chinese products. Obviously the products have a long life span and naturally the customer complaints are rare.

In a short span, the company has been able to reach out beyond Gurgaon & Delhi-NCR to even cities in UP like Kanpur, Lucknow, Banaras and so on. 

Any story is incomplete without villains. Though Apurva believes in making its employees and customers heroes, yet the negligent and careless labour were more of villains earlier. It has taken immense efforts to find sincere and competent team, a usual problem of SME sector. Her corporate HR experience came in handy in identifying right talent as well as imparting them the right skills. 

And no wonder, ‘Life in Colors’ came out of the struggles with ‘Flying Colors’

Family breeds confidence
Apurva is a lucky lady with the blessings of the lady luck at the personal front too. Ashutosh, CEO of a climate and renewable energy consultancy firm is more of a best friend than a husband. And there is a frolicking 3 year old daughter Tiarra, to add to the happy family magic. Parents have been supportive too in her entrepreneurial dreams. God bless them all.

The future story
Apurva, plans to use franchise model to expand to other parts of India and refuses to be bowed down by routine challenges of entrepreneurial journey. 

A bit of advice
Apurva is large-hearted enough to offer some advice to fellow entrepreneurs, and says, “I believe that one needs to follow their passion only and not get into a rat race. Don’t choose a business plan just because everyone else is doing it. Be the trendsetter and do what you feel passionately about. Also make all efforts to make your clients satisfied rather than create short term value. Some tough value based decisions early on, create a robust organization in the long term.

We wish that ‘Life in Colors’ keeps spreading colors in peoples’ homes and keeps making their lives more and more beautiful. And Apurva becomes even a bigger role model for other female entrepreneurs.

Jiyo hazaroon saal, Aur falao hazaroon rang.

(Story co-created with client by AL Services)

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