All You Need is Unconditional Love

Anecdotes & Stories on Unconditional Love

Ahem Ahem-When Two Economists Love Each Other

She was an economist and began to tease him," You know the demand for beautiful women far exceeds the supply. You have to chase me, my dear."

He was no less of an economist and replied, “I love chasing you, my dear. Yet if it comes to theory of demand and supply, then the demand for playful men far exceeds the supply too. So forget economics and apply loveonomics. All we need is unconditional love."

And she began to smile with her trademark naughty wink.


The Ultimate Professional Goal

And they asked the storyteller, “So what is your ultimate professional goal?"

The storyteller, “To write stories for inspirational films, so that I can impact millions of lives. It may be for Bollywood or Hollywood or any other."

And he continued, "And my stories would be about the new age topics such as soul searching, empathy, deep passion, wisdom, soulmates, unconditional love & playfulness.

Some of them would be about sheroes & heroes rising from ashes like Phoenix. Some would inspire people to become unconditionally loving angels & transform our very world."


My "Story" or "My" Story

"As he shared one of his stories with her in an online chat, she added few more lines to it and rather completed his story.

He was now sure, he had finally found his storymate and soulmate, but still decided to ask her, "You want to complete just my story or "My Story."

She said, "You decide" and blushed so hard, he could feel it even online. What he had not realized then, was that she was his Midas touch and she would turn his life into gold.

Who knew life had scheduled so many surprises thereafter."

The Mother and the Sun
(Dedicated to all mothers of the world)

The disciple asked the Guru, “Is it only mother who gives unconditional love?"

The Guru answered the question with a question, “Is it only sun who gives light?"

The disciple, “Of course not. The candle, the lamp, the enlightened sage, they all spread light."

The Guru, “Yes. Yet can they match the light of the sun? We all can give and try to give unconditional love in our own unique small ways. Yet we cannot match the love of the mother."

Emotional Dependence Story

The moment you become emotionally dependent upon someone, you start losing your capacity to give that person your 'unconditional love.'

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