I am 22 and my life Catch 22

Guru Disciple-Wisdom Anecdotes III

Here are some wisdom anecdotes, to inspire you to Enlarge, Excel, Evolve:-

I am 22 and my life Catch 22

The disciple, “Guruji, I have always suffered personally and professionally because of my habit of telling the truth. I may have been brutally honest and ruthlessly frank at times. People are not ready to listen to the bitter truth and I don’t want to tell lies. I am 22, my life Catch 22”

The Guru, “Tell true stories to give hints and mask the characters, if required. A signal is sufficient for wise (and the fool will not understand, even if you beat the drums). Bare truth is like an ugly skeleton sometimes, so dress it up as a story.”

He added further, “People have not evolved enough to listen to truth. We are insecure, frail, weak and vulnerable beings. If you tell your obese wife, she looks obese, you are asking for separation. It is more important to be kind than true under such circumstances. Yet, professionally, learn to be, “Kindly honest, politely frank.”


Just love them

The disciple, "Why do I fail to understand women? Is it my lack of intelligence or the enigmatic nature of women?"

The Guru, "Why do you try to understand them? Just love them and you will have great relationship with the womankind."

Child is the mother of man

The disciple, “Guruji, I have my doubts. Is it the mother who gives birth to a child or is it the child who gives birth to a mother?”

The Guru, “Simple. It is the child who makes a mother ‘a mother’, so he/she gives birth to the motherhood and allows the maternal instincts to manifest completely. So child is not just the father of man, she/he is the mother of man too.”

She smiled, giggled and then burst into laughter

Suddenly she would smile, then giggle and then sometimes she would just burst into laughter. She seemed to be just freaking out when she was chatting online. 
Her father got worried and suspicious. He told her mother, "Is our daughter in love with someone? She has always been so serious and shy, and now suddenly she is behaving funny."

The mother just began to smile," Yes, I think she is in love. I am so glad that if he can make her laugh so much online, he would surely keep her in high spirits offline."

"Hmm. Hmmmmm" the protective father was not so optimistic and began to ponder.

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