Trust Worth a Million Dollars, Unconditional Love 'Priceless'

Yepp! Trust worth a million dollars....., unconditional love 'priceless'
And the journalist asked the storyteller, "What did you earn and learn by spending so much time on social media over past few years?"

The storyteller,"I hardly earned a few lakhs in rupee terms in past few years, yet I made unconditionaly loving friends across the globe (which is priceless for sure) and earned a billion dollars in trust & social capital."

The journalist,"Now what?"

The storyteller,"Now they whole-heartedly trust me and I whole-heartedly trust the Universe."


This story too shall pass

This too shall pass.
And I will not fail.

Life is just a make believe story
In a way we all live in our make-believe worlds.

'coz we make and break our worlds, with our beliefs.

And our story twists, based on what we are able to make our mind believe.

Don't let the dam break
"The dam of my tears is about to break.
Please please don't tell more of your story.

A flood of tears flows, as if hell broke loose.

The deeper I put myself your story."

The Expectations Story 
"He hardly expected anything from anybody. Learnt it early in life that expectations give pain only.

No wonder he loved giving and getting surprises. And avoided keeping expectations, as far as possible.

Yet he experienced the magic and beauty of unconditional love. That was the greatest gift from the Universe. 

And he spread love unconditionally thereafter.
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