Guru Disciple-Wisdom Anecdotes II

Here are some wisdom anecdotes, to inspire you to Enlarge, Excel, Evolve. 

No option left

The disciple,"Guruji, I am swimming in a sea of foolishness. What do I do?"

The Guru, "This is a blessing in disguise. You have no option left but to seek wisdom and awaken your inner divine."

The route to miracles

The disciple,"How do I invite miracles in my life?"

The Guru,"Believe deeply in them."

The disciple, "How do I increase their speed?"
The Guru,"The deeper you believe, the faster they come."


Kindly honest, politely frank

The disciple, “Guruji, I have always suffered personally and professionally because of my habit of telling the truth. I may have been brutally honest and ruthlessly frank at times. People are not ready to listen to the bitter truth and I don’t want to tell lies. I am 22, my life Catch 22”

The Guru, “Tell true stories to give hints and mask the characters, if required. A signal is sufficient for wise (and the fool will not understand, even if you beat the drums). Bare truth is like an ugly skeleton sometimes, so dress it up as a story.”

He added further, “People have not evolved enough to listen to truth. We are insecure, frail, weak and vulnerable beings. If you tell your obese wife, she looks obese, you are asking for separation. It is more important to be kind than true under such circumstances. Yet, professionally, learn to be, “Kindly honest, politely frank.”

When the Universe wants to make a fool of you

The inquisitive disciple asked, ''Guruji, what happens when the Universe decides to make a fool of you, in the drama of life?''

The Guru winked, ''It makes you fall in love.....You either stay lost in thoughts (don't act) or act funny. To add salt to the injury, the world has fun at your expense.''

The disciple had another question, ''What happens when the Universe wants to bless you?''

The Guru pondered for some time and says, ''It inspires you to rise in love. ClockWISE or anti(clock)wise, either way it's love that makes the world go round.''

From more hard work to more wise work

The disturbed disciple asked the Guru, "I am working harder and harder, but without better results. Where am I going wrong?"

The Guru, "More hardwork results in more output only in case of physical labour, not for mental work especially people bringing new ideas to society. 
For next one week, do slightly less work and increase your duration of meditation /contemplation. Let me know the difference"

The disciple had found his answer and left relieved.

The rate of mistakes
The old disciple asked the young master, "How come you have the wisdom of 60 at the age of 30?

The master, "Because my rate of committing mistakes was double. (I took double the risks)

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