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2013 is coming to a close and we continue to inspire our readers to 'Enlarge Excel and Evolve' and make an honest attempt to do the same. So here goes the Top 10 posts on the blog in 2013. (We have also included Top 5 guest blog posts and Top 5 posts-All time)

No 1 
Mega Success Through Storytelling on Social Media
Storytelling is a powerful tool, which inspires the audience and builds the reputation/brand of the storyteller too. You can share your own stories, how you helped a client and so on. Stories can take several forms. It can be a series of novels, biography/autobiography/novel, 1-2 pages stories or one paragraph and one liner stories. Here are some interesting stories I have written (Please keep in mind that I have written these stories over the past two years) (Read More)

2-The Art and Science of Professional Storytelling
Recently I was asked to introduce myself at an event and I told, “As a child I was fond of storytelling and as a student, I was passionate about branding. And one fine day, I realised that storytelling is the most powerful branding tool, be it people, products or companies.” OMG, even while introducing myself, I was telling a story. Stories were probably always in my blood. (Read More)

3-How Introverts like Guy Kawasaki & Pete Cashmore are changing the rules of the game with Online Branding?
We have lived in a world which worships the ‘Extrovert’ and pushes the ‘Introvert’ to become an extrovert, to get success. As 'The New York Times' bestselling author Susan Cain says, “Introversion along with its cousins sensitivity, seriousness and shyness is now a second class personality trait.” But many of us have not even realised the world has changed. The credit for this goes to Social Media (aka Facebook, Linkedin Twitter and others), which arrived around 2006. ) (Read More)

4-Personal Growth, Wisdom & Social Media Success - Hug & Nudge
Are you aware that every “like” or RT or endorsement both subtle and explicit are telling a story about who you are and what you value? Are you proud of what that aggregate story says about you, what you value and your capability? (Read More)

5-Best of the Best Quotes on Storytelling by Michael Margolis, Get Storied
Quotes and Musings on Storytelling by Michael Margolis, Get Storied
Quotes and musings have been divided into 3 broad categories which represent the 3 areas of storytelling viz.
1) People Storytelling
2) Organization storytelling
3) Spiritual Healing by Storytelling (Read More)

6-One Plus One Equals Eleven –The Power of Collaboration & Community
“Alone I can SPEAK
But Together We Can TALK
Alone I Can SMILE
Together We Can LAUGH.
Alone I Can ENJOY
Together We Can CELEBRATE,
That's the Beauty Of Togetherness”
(Read More)

7-Storyteller is at the mercy of the audience
If my words are able to uplift you to a world of laughter.
If my paragraphs can transport you from the lows to the highs of the graph of life.
If my blogs (stories) can make you log in and cry to release your blocked emotions.
I deserve to stand on the stage of dramatic story of life. (Read More)

8- Five Secrets of Viral Marketing
Almost at every workshop/training, I am asked, “How do you make your content viral?’ Though I believe, the focus should be on serving the audience, solving its problems and touching hearts & lives, here are five of my secrets, I am sharing for my loyal readers.
I also call them 5S of Viral Marketing viz Supercharge, Simplicity, Storytelling, Soulfulness and Spontaneity:-(Read More)

9-Personal Branding for CXOs
As personal branding makes a shy entry in India, CXOs and top entrepreneurs are naturally being the first to adopt it. The most important point to be kept in mind in this journey is that the primary focus should be the person and the secondary focus should be the brand. It goes without saying that the 'C' level executives must have 'A' level behavior & personality. (Read More)

10-The 'Global Niche' Story-Creating Unexpected Twist for the Creative Entrepreneur
I have always believed that we are all world class in some area (which I call as deepest passion) and Anastasia calls it our Global Niche. In any case, the bigger the market we decide to target, the more focused we need to be in terms of target segment (or niche). Fundamentally I liked the idea of discovering our global niche, though I was already in the area of global personal brand storytelling for nearly two years. (Read More)


Most Popular PPTs-2013

She Found Her Gift and Gave it Away

Social Media & Online Branding for Marketing Professionals

Top Offline Initiative 2013

G Business Club-A Unique Initiative for Passionate Entrepreneurs in 2013
G Business Club is a unique initiative to bring together passionate knowledgepreneurs and entrepreneurs/professionals of Delhi NCR for co-learning, supporting-inspiring each other and of course exchange of business contacts and referrals. (Read More)


Top 5 Guest Blog Posts 2013

3 Life lessons that led to social media success

Mark Schaefer gave me this advice on blogging: “Disclosing your own heart and your own story is hard but makes for the best blog posts.” I have decided to accept his challenge and tell my story today.  It is not easy to tell a story of challenges and failures, but it has made me who I am today and led to what I consider the three components of social media success:

7 Personal Branding Lessons You Learn by Falling in Love

 The first guideline I share with a new client is, “You don’t build a personal brand. People do, when they see excellence & have pride in associating with you.” So you must, “Enlarge as a human being, Excel as a social media being and Evolve as a personal brand.”  (Read More)

Professional Storytelling – The Heady Cocktail

Storytelling is a powerful integrator and is a heady cocktail in that sense. According to Wiki, “A cocktail is an alcoholic mixed drink that contains three or more ingredients—at least one of the ingredients must be a spirit, one sweet/sugary and one sour/bitter.” Brand or Professional Storytelling too is a mix of sweet emotions and sour logic, bitter education and sweet entertainment into the spirit of reputation or brand building. On a lighter note, the way cocktail renders the heart stout and bold, and fuddles the head at the same time, storytelling also does the same to the audience.  (Read More)

Indians Embrace Personal Branding, but Don’t Hug it Tightly Yet!

In spite of the increasing westernization, Indians are clinging to their cultural roots and community centric attitudes. The joke doing the rounds is that, “Indians don’t talk about sex, now they are opening up to talking lovemaking. Indians don’t talk about personal branding, now they are opening up to storytelling (for inspiring others & branding as a byproduct). Passionate knowledgepreneurs & early adopters are taking the lead and demonstrating to the fellow countrymen, the power of personal branding through social media.  (Read More)

Story is The Way-My Global Niche Revelation

I had a revelation in the GlobalNiche program.

For two years I’ve been growing a ‘You’ centered business in a part of the world where people usually do not draw attention to themselves and certainly not with personal details in a professional setting.

You can imagine how my work as a personal branding consultant might face a deeply-rooted cultural contradiction. It’s a new field in India.  (Read More)


Top 5 Blog Posts-All Time (other than above)

Women and Personal Brand Storytelling

Professionals, Knowledgepreneurs and Personal Branding

How I Regained My Lost Creativity?

Dr Daisaku Ikeda-People Who Have Inspired Me V

Brand Storytelling FAQ

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