And the Stories Continue Thereafter-Musings on Storytelling

Been foolish many a time, yet never 'fallen' in love-My Story

Love is the most beautiful emotion and I fail to understand how people can 'fall' in love. I have acted foolish many times in my life yet one thing I can say with pride, ''I have always risen in love, never fallen.''

The first time I was pierced by the Cupid's arrow was during college days. She became an inspiration and a reason to work hard for MBA entrance.

The second time was actually touching. I was traveling by train from Indore to Mumbai to join Cadburys. We had a beautiful co-passenger who turned out to be beautiful inside too. When I woke up in the middle of the  night to go to the washroom, I found her sitting as she had given her train berth to an old man. Don't you rise in love with someone like that?

Then came someone in my life, whose innocent smile and trust amused me and she became my muse, a creative inspiration. And I don't even know what's next.

You know I live in the moment, don't I?


And the stories continue thereafter
The storyteller first understands the inner conflicts, human frailties, vulnerabilities and contradictions.

Then she/he weaves magical stories, where not only the protagonist wins over the antagonist but higher emotions win over base feelings, the inner divine wins over the inner devil and positivism wins over cynicism.

And the stories continue thereafter.

Life is like that
Sometimes life gives us much much less than what we expected & deserved, Sometimes it blesses us with more than what we could have ever ever imagined.

Let us live in the moment to fully embrace a new story and let go of the old story.

A Story Pilgrimage
And they asked the storyteller, "What do you mean by a story pilgrimage?"
The reply, "Telling your story, evolving your story and .....the soul doing a bit of story searching, the body taking a holy dip in the ocean of storytelling and the mind enhancing its storytelling skills. The journey is as joyful as the far away destination."

When you reach the destination, you pay your obeisance to the deity called, "transformational story." In short, you explore, experience and inspire.

Let the Universe take the story forward
First the intent needs to have, 'purity, clarity and parity (with actions/prayers)'.
Then trust in the intelligence of the Universe and give it few hints.
The final step is to hand over our story to the Universe and it casts it's magic happily thereafter.

The Prayer Story
Pray wholeheartedly for 'what you want' and yet trust the Universe that it will give you 'what you need.'
This is the contradiction of the prayer story.

Combination of sincere empathy and drama

Those who are sincerely empathetic and can be a bit dramatic at the same time end up becoming the best storytellers. The story needs an element of drama or else it would taste like lemonade without sugar.

Yet some may be great at story writing, some at story narrating (speaking) and some at story training and coaching.

Some rare ones may learn all... or some may be blessed with all.


The surprise in life's story

Finally one day you begin to feel comfortable in your skin. You don't feel the need for a mask as you believe, ''I am what I am. Take it or leave it.''

And the surprise is people who really matter not just take it.....but rather embrace you more affectionately than you had ever expected.

Have a soulful day.

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