The Midas Touch & other Short Stories

The Midas Touch
The disciple, ''Why do some people leave a Midas touch yet some never touch? Why do we connect with some people in seconds and with some we can't do it in years?''

The Guru, ''The answer to both the questions is similar. There are three reasons viz.
a) Energy-If someone has pure energy or intent, the impact of that person is stronger as alignment with the frequency of Universe is easier.
b) Belief-If we believe someone casts magic upon us, he/she does. The beliefs have a complex process behind them.
c) Past birth relationship-Each soul has closer relationship with some souls. Life brings them together either as blessings or as lessons.

The combination of these factors becomes a Midas touch.''


The Soulful Story  
''They were more than 'Made for each other'. They were rather 'Storied for each other'. And together they wrote the world's most soulful story.''


"Story is my Story"  
And they asked him one day, "So what's your story?" He said, "Well! 'Story is my Story'. I met the most beautiful people during my story pilgrimage including my soulmate. I found an angel investor by telling a story. I found professional peak and personal joy, everything in storytelling. Even I could develop deeper bonds with people and empathize, when I began to see stories within the story. Probably in one birth, my soul's story will come to an end with, 'And he found Nirvana & merged with the Supreme Consciousness (or God) happily thereafter'.

Till then the 'Story is my Story'."

A New Muse
He would keep searching for new inspiration. Yet she would always come in his way.....with a new smile and a new style.

The Storymate
When it came to mate , he was told that 'mate friend' and 'soulmate' were the two most searched terms on Google. Yet when he googled his soul, he found what he deeply desired was a 'Storymate'. They would together script and bring stories to life. And they would inter-weave their life stories thereafter.  

To story or not to story....wasn’t anymore the question.


The Never Ending Story  
Every heart was shot, at her first sight.  
She was an inspiration, a soulful delight.  
Yet she was the never ending mystery,
Coz' she was that ''Never ending story''

Empathy and Story

A great Story evokes the highest of empathy, 
Great empathy creates the highest of story.


The Miraculous Story  
Just imagine all that can go right,  
Just imagine all the wonderful possibilities today,  
Just imagine all the blanks in life that may get filled unexpectedly.  

And you are ready to fly...... into the 'Miracle Zone  and write a miraculous story.'

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