An Ode to Jennifer Sertl

An Ode to my Coach Jennifer Sertl

(What can be better than writing an ode in your honour, to wish you Merry Xmas & Happy New Year)

Something higher to aspire

There is an emotion higher than the base feeling,
There is an aspiration beyond I, me, and mine.
There is a philosophy beyond the mundane,
There is a love beyond the conditional.

There is humanity beyond geographical boundaries,
There is a soul beyond the conscious mind.
There is a goal beyond the blue horizon,
There is a leap of faith beyond the routine.

There is reflection beyond thinking,
There is response beyond reaction.
There is resilience beyond defeat,
There is agility beyond mere leadership.

There is a quantum leap beyond step by step,
There is a serendipity beyond planning.
There is something beyond human understanding,
There is a faith beyond the logic.

There is always that something to aspire,
Something to touch, which is a little higher.
There are angels beyond the human race,
There is something beyond the beyond.
May be for a true seeker, there is always an eagerness & excitement!
For who knows, may be there's something beyond ‘Enlightenment’?

(And thanks Jenn for always nudging me to look 'Beyond' and something higher to aspire. There is a feeling which is beyond the words and language. There is something which is beyond expression, which can only be felt and sensed.)


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