The Globe Questor and other Stories of Wisdom and Love

The Globe Questor
No... he was least interested in being a globetrotter. He was rather a globequestor on the quest of the how and why of unconditional love.

Who knew that in this exhilarating quest, he would meet the most beautiful people on the planet, visit the most beautiful places across globe and explore the beauty of unconditional love, in a journey spanning six continents, multiple cultures and a plethora of relationships (among humans/other living beings).

And thus began his exciting yet quest full story.

The Captured Story
For him that 'one smile' of hers, was worth capturing forever. 

Yet he never knew that 'one smile', had captured him forever.

And what do you do to make a living?
They asked the storyteller, ''Stories are fine but how do you make a living ?''

The Storyteller, ''I will answer in 2 parts,
'What I do for a living?' and 'What I do to ensure I am fully living?'

To make a living, I assist people in inspirational storytelling and organisations in brand storytelling.

What I do to ensure I am fully living, is to give, receive and quest for the 'unconditional love (stories).'

A Story for 2014
The disciple, ''Guruji you gave me only one yet powerful lesson in 2013. I have practiced it the whole year and developed excellence. So what is my lesson for 2014. ''

The Guru, ''The lesson is still the same, 'Attention to detail.' Yet the context is different. In 2013 it was detail in work. In 2014 it is detail in love and affection. Be meticulous in each word and action, in listening empathetically to the words spoken and unspoken, in each relationship. ...and give attention to detail to ensure sincerity and pure intent in each effort. This is enough for 2014. ''

And the Guru ended with beautiful new year wishes for the disciple,

Let a new birthday come,
Let a new year start.
Let there be new hopes,
To fulfill them, you must stay,
'Young at heart'

The Beauty Story

Beauty is nothing but a story of harmony.
Inner beauty shines when there is harmony in the mind, body and soul stories.

Man, you never know the twist in the story
He was pulling her leg for sure and told her, ''Ahem Ahem! Why do you keep falling in love and smart people keep rising in love with you? ''. He then gave her a playful smile.

She said, ''Ahaan. I keep falling in love. are right. This time i am not going to make a fool of myself. ''

He got serious and said, ''I am only saying not to fall in love. But love you must.''

He never knew the coming twist in the story.

The rise from the ashes
''Has my hypersensitivity become a huge liability for me? I don't want to see through the drama. It is so painful and so difficult for me to live in a shallow relationship. I wish I could. Life would have been practically easier'', these thoughts were troubling him like anything. They had almost smoked and choked his brain.

He had lost all hope. After all he was no legendary Phoenix who could rise from the ashes. Yet he kept persevering for reasons he did not know.

And very often the twist lies at the point of despair. Lo and behold ! Life opened sesame and with the angels and unconditional love flowing in, nothing seemed impossible anymore....not even becoming a proverbial Phoenix and rising from the ashes. Moreover they rightly say, ''Angels follow angels.''

And then began a miraculous story.

The Unconditional Story
''She kept the condition that she would love him, if he had money.
It was saddening end of a story.

Then came the twist in the story. Someone walked into his life and gave him unconditional love.

He showered her with money and all that life could offer. And they lived and loved happily thereafter.''

The Inner Beauty Story

Draw inspiration from the outer beauty of the Universe.
Now go ahead and draw your inner beauty story.
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