Story Has My Soul, My Soul Just Has Story

Short Stories & Musings on Storytelling

Make them Laugh and Cry  
And they asked the storyteller, ''What is the most important quality of a good storyteller?''

He replied, ''To believe that people are basically good. If you believe that, then only you can move them, excite them, and make them laugh and cry. And who knows may be more.''

 (Inspiration-Michael Margolis, Get Storied)


The Blessed Story

And one fine day the stories of lessons are over...and a blessed life story begins thereafter.

The Compassionate Story  
Telling inspiring stories is becoming the new fashion. Yet touching stories come only from empathy & compassion.
(Inspiration-The Dalai Lama)

The Moral Right  
Unless the storyteller feels your joy and sorrow as intensely as you do, how can he/she tell your story.
She/he doesn't even have the moral right to.

The Expected Story  
Expectations are a double-edged sword. They hurt the one who has them and the one from whom you have.
There may be a twist next moment, so why wait for the expected story?

The Angelic Story  
He was able to bring out her best, her divine. And she decided to be more than a teacher or friend-philosopher-guide. She would rather be his friend, coach and angel.

Beliefs are the Roots  
We need to question our beliefs every minute. And then weed out the limiting beliefs and empower the expansive beliefs.

After all beliefs are the pen, with which we write our stories....

We Never Grow Up...or do we?  
He was 82 years old. In the heart of his hearts, he would still wish for a parental figure around....someone who would scold him, guide him and stop him from commiting some foolish mistakes.

Yet, to the world he was the grand old man, with that grand bold story.

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