Soulmates & Purposemates 1-Yenga Sonqo & Cecie Hanza

About the series, "Soulmates & Purposemates"

'They were more than 'Made for each other'. They were rather 'Storied for each other'. And together they wrote the world's most soulful story. They formed a strong emotional connect and found their life purposes had a common thread. And as soulmates and purposemates they lived happily thereafter.''

Yes, some people do get the best of both worlds. They have a soulmate who also becomes a life purpose partner. Is it sheer luck or past karma or something mystic? What brings such people together? What are the challenges & joys of this journey?

Here is the first interview/story in the series of true stories about, ''Soulmates and Purpose mates''

 A Story of Soulmates and Purposemates, Yenga Sonqo & Cecie Hanza

A spontaneous, unedited interview with Healing Artist, Yenga Sonqo, by Dr Amit Nagpal. Yenga was born and brought up in Jamaica and has stayed in New Zealand and Peru and currently travels the world undertaking healing journeys with his soulmate and purposemate Cecie. He shares the different and interesting aspects of the soulmate and purposemmate journey.

About Yenga Sonqo (alias Patrick Fuss)

Yenga is Chief Catalyst for Mystical Bliss. Eclectic, creative and praxis-oriented Catalyst, a Healing Artist, Retreat Leader, Facilitator, Teacher, Guide and Spirit Whisperer.  Yenga comes with a wealth of experience in Jamaica, New Zealand, Indonesia, Europe and virtual in the Wholeness and Richness of Personal and Organizational Thriving and Wellbeing. Yenga (Patrick) lives from the Heart and the intelligence of the HEART.
Qualifications and Praxis
MBA International Business, Certificate in Tertiary Education, Integral Practice I and II, Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner, Spirit Whisperer, (Un)Learning Magician, Emotional Intelligence Catalyst, Belbin Team Roles Facilitator, IAP2 Facilitator (Public Participation) Shamanic Practitioner, Munay Ki, Reiki Master, Journeying , Crystal Healing, Dreamtime and Meditation, RelationalMagic, WholeLife Magic,  Yoga, Living Systems Projects and more

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About Dr Amit Nagpal

Dr Amit Nagpal is Chief Inspirational Storyteller at AL Services. He is a Social Media Influencer, Author, Speaker/Trainer and Coach. To know more, visit (His special interest and expertise lies in inspirational storytelling, anecdotes and visual storytelling)

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