A 'G Business Club ' Story

(Meeting held on 20th December 2013
Hotel Ramada Central, Gurgaon, Delhi NCR)

 The Story of G Business Club
G Business Club is a unique initiative to bring together passionate knowledgepreneurs and entrepreneurs/professionals of Delhi NCR for co-learning, supporting-inspiring each other and of course exchange of business contacts and referrals.

The G Story

Dr Saloni Singh, Founder welcomed the members, the guests and shared the G story.

G Business Club (G stands for growth) was started with the mission of creating a support network, to assist and inspire its members to attain business growth with sustained passion. 

The exciting story continues with regular trainings and meetings every month. Passionate and Go-getter entrepreneurs / Knowledgepreneurs who have joined and join us, grow and live happily thereafter.

Speed Networking

Excellent start with speed networking session. The attendees into groups of two got an opportunity to get to know each other, about their business and products / services in ten minutes slot. 

Presentation by Lokesh Parashar, President

Lokesh Parashar, Immigration Services Consultant & President, G Business Club gave the presentation about power of networking at G Business club and how it supports and inspires its members with regular training programs and fortnightly meetings. The Main focus of club members is to build relationships among each other.

Introductions with a twist

Instead of members and guests introducing themselves, the twin groups formed earlier, introduced the other member in the group and best presentation was chosen

Exchange of referrals

There was great enthusiasm to share referrals (warm leads) among the members. Great to see the feeling of contribution among members, which continues till the end.

Snacks Break & Open Networking

After exchange of referrals, all members and visitors enjoyed meeting each other over hi-tea with mouth-watering snacks and refreshments. The hall was buzzing with great conversations and excitement during open networking. 

Sharing of expertise, knowledge, links and tips from different experts; all was part of open networking.

Presentation by Akansha Sahni, 
Business Manager, G Business Club

Akansha shared "G Business Club provides you a platform where quality professionals and entrepreneurs come together under one roof to network with each other. You meet like-minded people, connect with them and share ideas and expertise and grow your business."

A Talk by Deepti Pant

Deepti Pant, Founder-Director, Truth School of Storytelling & Innovation, gave an interesting talk on “Business leadership and Storytelling”. The session was very interactive with useful take aways on how to be a great leader and motivate and inspire our team and customers through storytelling.

There was an interesting discussion on what stops us from being storytellers, when human beings are supposed to be natural storytellers. Deepti pointed out that to be a storyteller, one has to let one’s hair down and we have become so formal (probably because of the long Raj), we have forgotten the art.

Sharing of Networking Experiences

The core team shared benefits of networking in context of their personal stories and experiences. The core team (besides Founder Dr Saloni Singh)  includes Tonny Sapra, (COO), Lokesh Parashar (President), Bhavna Kapoor (Vice-President), Dr Amit Nagpal (Secretary) and Akansha Sahni (Business Manager).

Bhavna Kapoor explained her interesting approach to work, which she summed up as, "We are financial doctors who not only evaluate your portfolios and do the correction if any but also map your goals so that you retire with pension not tension. "

Closing speech by Dr Saloni Singh

Prizes were distributed for best presentations. Before closing the meeting, Dr Saloni announced “Dates of the diary”, which include upcoming meets and training sessions. Though this was not the end, but beginning of new business relationships.

And we grow and live passionately thereafter
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