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Short Stories and Musings

Two Ultimate Lessons of Life
The grand old storyteller was about to die. Everyone was impatient to ask him only one question. ''What wisdom you want to leave for us behind? Or what was the most important lesson of life that you learned?''

The storyteller knew what they wanted to ask. So he shared, ''I have learnt only two lessons in life. Don't love your fear stories. Don't fear a love story.''

And he took his last breath.....and all that was left now, was deep calm on his face and beautiful stories etched on everyone's minds.

Inside Goes that Story
Just softly open that window of emotions, you have kept closed for years and end that inner story of conflict, ''Should I, shouldn't I?''

The Universe is beautiful and it eagerly awaits outside.And it wants to peep into your inner beauty too.

Putting Yourself in another Person's Story
Putting yourself in another person's shoes is out,
Putting yourself in another person's story is in.

Emotional Connect
Only the one who has been through a similar story connects with 'The Story'.  


Angels and Angel Investors
''He already had angels in life. The time was approaching for him to be an angel now. Now all that story needed was an angel investor. And it seemed it was on the way''


The Unhero
Not every 'Hero' deserves to be sung. Not every unsung is an 'Unhero.'

Let Serendipity Take over
Create great, super-positive content and leave it in the Universe. Now let serendipity take over

Lifelong Bonds
If you feel genuinely happy to see someone happy, you form with that person..... a lifelong bond, and you become an integral part of their story.

The Miraculous Story
Life is not a straight line, it’s rather a set of circles. When the mind opens to its grace, it becomes a whirlpool of miracles.

The Power of Words
Words empathize, Words energize, Words mesmerize, If they are sculpted well, express inner joy and are cut to size.
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