Top 5 Interviews & Interactions of 2012

I have been running a Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam (The World is a Family in Sanskrit) Interview series on my Blog for past 2 years and have interviewed more than 50 people in the series from all parts of the world. It has given me a wonderful opportunity to interact with thought leaders, pioneers and other great professionals from across the world. These people have either emerged (or fast emerging) as Global Leaders and have Enlarged, Excelled and Evolved into Global Personal Brands too.

They are interesting role models for those who want to become global leaders. These interviews will give you interesting insights about global mindsets and how spirituality has guided most of these professionals in deeply passionate journeys with respect for all religions, cultures and nations.

Steve Brant-Interview with the Grand Guy of Innovation and CSR
Dr Amit Nagpal: I really loved your comfort vs zone of magic image. How can we assist people to come out of the comfort zone and move to the zone where magic happens?
Steven G. Brant: I think they have to learn that it's safe to do so... not a risk to their reputation (or to their financial well-being...or - worst case - to their health). (Read More)

Michel Bauwens-Interview with the Peer to Peer (P2P) Pioneer
Dr Amit-Peter Fisk’s Triple P or People, Planet and Profits emphasizes on sustainability for corporates. How far the corporate world is implementing Triple P?
Michel-I believe it is fundamentally wrong-headed to expect for-profits to take a leading role in these matters. Progress is being made, but nowhere nearly enough to stave off major ecological catastrophies. Their DNA binds them to extracting profit and ignoring externalities. (ReadMore)

Interview with Mr Goodnews Cadogan, Executive Leadership Coach, South Africa
Dr Amit-How do you facilitate change at an individual level?
Goodnews-The way I facilitate change at an individual level is through intimate support to executive leaders and young professionals (leadership coaching). This is driven by a 360 degree leadership assessment, with contributions by the leader, peers, team members they lead, the boss and the boss’s boss.  (Read More)

Lucie Newcomb-Interview with the Global Leadership Guru
Dr Amit Nagpal-How do you help clients in creating new products? 
Lucie Newcomb-Although we do help clients with product development, we are more focused on helping clients find new markets and, then, winning in those markets in both the short- and long-terms. This is why we have a horizontal framework, for pull-through. (Read More)

Interview with Paul Copcutt, Personal Brand Architect, Canada
Dr Amit Nagpal-I saw two unusual terms on your Linkedin profile viz. new world of work and authentic networking. Please explain them in brief.
Paul Copcutt-New world of work - Dan Pink wrote about the new world of work in his book A Whole New Mind several years ago. (ReadMore)

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