Professionals, Knowledgepreneurs and Personal Branding

Why Professionals should develop a personal brand?
(and how it is easy for them to do so)

How Doctors, Architects, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and other self-employed professionals can use social media to develop a strong personal brand?

We live in the knowledge society today and knowledge workers and professionals have an edge when it comes to personal branding through social media. Knowledgepreneurs are professional entrepreneurs who sell their knowledge as part of the profession. It includes lawyers, architects, doctors, life coaches, trainers, CAs, CFAs, Consultants, Cost & Work Accountants and so on. Such professionals are highly educated and can develop into personal brands much easily. Here are some of the reasons why such professionals should develop a personal brand and how it is easy for them to do so.

Conveying expertise, passion and thought leadership
Sharing knowledge is one of the major tools for social media success and personal branding (besides creativity). Social Media is a great tool for professionals to convey their expertise, passion and thought leadership. The passion which professionals tend to have for their domain/subject, can also be used to build the brand as an expert or sometimes convey the thought leadership work done in an area.

Exciting Times Ahead
The future is going to be exciting. There are going to be increasing opportunities for international work in future. Speaking to international clients through Skype is becoming a norm and professionals (in most of the cases) will find plenty of opportunities to do so, if they develop strong brands. In fact some organisations like PRSI (Public Relations Society of  India) have taken a lead in conducting personal branding events for development of their members and deserve appreciation. Other organisations like ICWAI, ICAI, Indian Council of Architects etc can also conduct events to educate their members about social media and how it can be used for skill and reputation development through branding principles.

What you Need To Learn

Social Media Tips
But what professionals need to learn is social media tips and tricks besides the principles of brand management of course. Each social media platform is unique and understanding this uniqueness and capitalizing on it is an essential step in the journey.

Personal Growth & Viral Marketing
The main tool for success on social media is viral marketing (or other people sharing your content). Other people share your content when the content is excellent or they have a good relationship / soft corner for the content creator or they have a pride in associating with the person. Social Media success becomes easier with a collaborative mindset and developing the right mindset and wisdom are therefore crucial.

Understanding the technical side of digital
For success in the online world, one also needs to understand the SEO basics, social media optimization techniques, blog traffic techniques, email marketing, web analytics and so on. The digital tools available are increasing everyday and it’s easy to learn things from someone who knows the rules of the game.

Offline branding and miscellaneous tools
Personal Branding is a universe in itself with infinite tools available. Other useful tools for professionals include newsletters, guest blogging, article marketing and so on. I remember it was frustrating to submit an article to a research journal (when I was a professor) and they gave feedback after one year that it is selected/rejected or needed modification. Today tells me in two weeks whether my article is approved or not (and why). The activities must be aligned with the short and long term objectives behind brand building.

So dear professional it is time to brace up for the exciting times ahead. Are you ready to tell your success story to the world?

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