Klout as a Motivation Tool

Personal Branding' through social media requires deep passion as it takes time and energy. So how does one motivate oneself, to carry on the journey during difficult times.

In my personal branding journey of 2 years, Klout has been one of the major motivation tools. The consistent growth of my score from 50s to mid 70s has given me the energy to keep working hard online (and eventually taking it offline). Personal branding (through social media) in any case is a new and tough industry to get into. Had it not been for the daily doses of motivation I had created for myself through Klout, Google and Twitter Favourites, I would have accepted defeat long back.

Klout is supposed to be a metric for measuring your online influence but it can also be used as a motivation tool. Let me demonstrate how:-

1) Measure the change in your score on weekly basis
In the initial days, my score grew 3-5 points every month. Once you cross 70, it grows very slowly. The increasing score obviously tells your increasing online influence. You can also compare your score with the industry leaders and see where you stand.

2) Vital Statistics
Here are some of the vital statistics which Klout provides (I hope I have a mature audience which has moved beyond 36-24-36)
Twitter-Mentions, Retweets, Lists and of course followers
Facebook-Likes, comments and of course number of friends
Google +-Comments, +1s, Reshares

3) Influencers and Topics
The people who are influencing you are also shown on your Klout home page. Topics feature is especially useful as it tells you your topics of influence. Though you can add or delete topics but +K is an endorsement by others (whether you actually influence people on this topic). In fact the success of this feature probably prompted Linkedin to introduce something similar, “endorsement of skills and expertise”

4) Your Moments
This is a new feature on Klout and shows the most popular posts on your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Youtube and Klout. You can find out which posts have become popular and use this information to analyse why certain posts are more popular than others?

5) Which Social Media contributes how much?
With the help of Klout Dashboard, you can find out which social media is contributing how much to your influence and then strategize accordingly. In my opinion, your influence should come equally from 2-3 platforms and not dependent on just one platform.

6) Keep a Record of your achievements
Internet is an ever changing world and you must keep a record of your important achievements. Here is one example how I have kept a record of a thrilling moment (to see myself among the five most recommended or +K ed personal branding consultants in the world).

So keep increasing your online and offline clout and keep using Klout to motivate yourself. 

After all, to get mega success, nothing works as much as self-motivation does.

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Dr Amit Nagpal is a Personal Branding Consultant & Deepest Passion Coach. He is based in New Delhi, India and specializes in personal branding with a holistic touch. His philosophy is, "Enlarge as a Human Being, Excel as a Social Media Being and Evolve as a Personal Brand" To know more about him visit www.dramitnagpal.com


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