Top 10 Blog Posts which Rocked the Globe (2012)

2012 was a great year for me as well as the Blog. The Blog was renamed as Global Personal Branding 3E (Sub-title Enlarge, Excel and Evolve) as the earlier name "The Joys of Teaching" was not relevant anymore. Some of the top posts got more than 2,500 views and 300 + shares.

Here are the Top 10 posts which rocked the globe:-

No 1
Irene Becker-Interview with International Pioneer in Coaching
"The 3Q Edge refers to three critical areas of strength that I believe are important to life and leadership in the 21st Century.  Areas of strength that can be developed/built using not only our potential but the challenges we face as catalysts for positive growth.  Q1 IQ-Intellectual capacity under stress   Q2 Emotional Intelligence   Q3 Spiritual Quotient-our alignment to our highest power, our greatest values." says Irene Becker, International Pioneer in Coaching (Read More)

No 2
Ananda Sukarlan-Interview with the Piano Maestro
Hi Ananda. Tell me, what exactly do you do as a composer?

Well, other professions would say "create" but fortunately we are humble enough to realize that only God can create. What we do is "compose", that is taking all the materials that are existing already and put them in their right places. We already have the notes: do, re, mi etc, we just put them in order. Sounds simple eh, but it's not so, says the Piano Maestro Ananda Sukarlan from Spain.(Read More)

No 3
Critical Thinking and Change-Hug and Nudge
'Hug and Nudge' is a fortnightly column with two different perspectives from two different continents and cultures on the same question viz. Jennifer Sertl (based in New York, USA) and Dr Amit Nagpal (based in New Delhi, India).
Question-How do we take what we learn from deep thinking and reading and apply it to change?
(A great question posed by Adam Johnson (aka @Garbologie) from Perth, Western Australia (Read More)

No 4
Klout as a Motivation Tool
'Personal Branding' through mass media requires deep pockets and 'Personal Branding' through social media requires deep passion as it takes time and energy. In my personal branding journey of nearly 2 years, Klout has been one of the major motivation tools. The consistent growth of my score from 50s to mid 70s has given me the energy to keep working hard online (and eventually taking it offline). Personal branding (through social media) in any case is a new and tough industry to get into.(Read More)

No 5
People Who Have Inspired Me-Dr Daisaku Ikeda
It is unfortunate but true, only extreme suffering brings most of us close to God.  But thanks to Dr Ikeda my attitude towards suffering has changed. He says, “No matter where we go, we cannot escape from the sufferings that are part and parcel of life. If we cannot avoid these sufferings, then our only choice is to overcome them. And since we have no choice but to overcome them, then we might as well live joyfully and vigorously while doing so.”(Read More)

No 6
Global Success through Personal Branding
A Full Day workshop was organised at GD Goenka World Institute, Gurgaon, India on "Global Success Through Personal Branding" for Lancaster University, UK students in India (Summer School) with three key themes viz.:-
  1. Enlarge, Excel and Evolve into a Global Personal Brand-Dr Amit Nagpal
  2. Social Media and Global Social Trends (with special reference to India and UK)-Dr Amit Nagpal
  3. "Becoming a Global Leader through Transleadership" by Jennifer Sertl, New York, USA (via Skype) (Read More)

No 7
Women, Glass Ceiling and Personal Branding
So what if you are the fairer sex. In the corporate world (especially in India) which does not have sense of time, loves aggression, uses filthy language under pressure often, wants to be lean and mean, wants emotionless hire and fire and has a special affinity for stress; are you getting a fair deal? 
I humorously say, "Society has 4 genders now; masculine men, feminine men, feminine women and masculine women" (Read More)

No 8
Thought Leadership and Personal Branding
4 Driving Tips to be a Thought Leader
“It should be no surprise that 'personal branding' is quickly becoming a household term. The current global economy combined with the huge role social media plays in our daily lives demands that each one of us considers how we can stand out amongst all others who offer similar skills, talents, and backgrounds.  Of course our credentials still have value as they are the table-stakes that anyone must have for a specific job or position. But, it is our character, our personal brand that ultimately gets us recognized.” Says Peter Sterlacci, Japan’s Personal Branding Pioneer (Read More)

No 9
Asking for Help is Strength
“Somewhere along the way, we have collectively picked up the belief that each one of us should be able to do it all, know it all, have it all, and be it all. Whether at work or at home, we have accepted the premise that we should be indomitable multi-tasking forces of productivity. We should be perfect in our career growth, our work, our dress and our fitness quotient, while also being formidable in our children, our homes, our relationships, our recreational and social schedules, and our love lives. At least, that’s how many of us want it to appear.” Says Rory Kelly Connor, Peak Potential Coach and New York’s PR Guru (Read More)

No 10
Came Hell and Then High Water-My Story
I cribbed, 'God you have given me unusual problems' She said, 'I have also given you unusual joys'. I cribbed, 'You have not even given me some of the usual joys, which everyone gets' She said, 'But i have not given you usual problems' I said, 'God I have lost the debate' (Read More)

Top Blog Pages

3R for Organizational Growth and 3E for Personal Growth
"In the midst of so much data and so many choices, it is vital to create filters as a means to help you synthesize both what you pay attention to and also how you want to present yourself to the macro. Naming and claiming a filter is vital. If I only had one word to brand or describe what I hope to contribute, I would use the word Agility - both as a filter as well as the contribution I want to make.

I would then further describe Agility with three terms Resilience, Responsiveness and Reflection.  Here is how I make these terms both actionable as well as mental muscles I practice.." says Spiritual Leadership & Agility Guru Jennifer Sertl  (Read More)

Wishing you all a Merry X Mas and a Rocking 2013.

(It was a pleasure to interview international pioneers and upcoming thought leaders. Some guest posts also got an amazing response. Matching my personal evolution, the blog is also moving more and more into storytelling, the most powerful tool for personal branding and connecting with your audience. I came up with a new punchline for myself, "Let's Tell Your Story to the World")

Brief Profile
Dr Amit Nagpal is a Personal Branding Consultant & Deepest Passion Coach. He is based in New Delhi, India and specializes in personal branding with a holistic touch. His philosophy is, "Enlarge as a Human Being, Excel as a Social Media Being and Evolve as a Personal Brand" 

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