Personal Branding for Authors & Bloggers

Personal Branding for Authors & Bloggers

A book is generally considered a symbol of expertise in the subject, and in case of fiction writers, expertise at storytelling. A book is a powerful tool for personal branding and authors have an edge in that sense. For a passionate blogger, it is easy to become an author, as many bloggers collate their blog posts and convert them into their first book.

The Power of Storytelling
Storytelling is the easiest way to build a personal brand. Building a personal brand can be easy for fiction authors because they are already good at the art of storytelling. Even non-fiction writers tend to be passionate about writing and their subject areas.
Using Storytelling as a Personal Branding Tool

Conveying Expertise, Passion and Thought Leadership
Social Media is a great tool for authors to convey their expertise, passion and thought leadership. Book writing is a time consuming job and requires patience too. Only those who are passionate about the subject end up completing the book. The passion can also be used to build the brand as an expert in the domain or sometimes convey the thought leadership work done in an area.

Social Media Tips
But what authors need to learn is the social media tips and tricks besides the principles of brand management of course. Each social media platform is unique and understanding this uniqueness and capitalizing on it is an essential step in the journey.

Personal Growth & Viral Marketing
The main tool for success on social media is viral marketing (or other people sharing your content). Other people share your content when the content is excellent or they have a good relationship / soft corner for the content creator or they have a pride in associating with the person. Social Media success becomes easier with a collaborative mindset and developing the right mindset and wisdom is crucial.

Understanding the Technical Side of Digital
For success in the online world, one also needs to understand the SEO basics, social media optimization techniques, blog traffic techniques, email marketing, web analytics and so on. The digital tools available are increasing everyday and it’s easy to learn things from someone who knows the rules of the game.

Offline Branding and Miscellaneous Tools
Personal Branding is a universe in itself with infinite tools available. Other useful tools for authors include newsletters, guest blogging, article marketing and so on. The activities must be aligned with the short and long term objectives behind brand building.

So dear authors you have already conveyed your passion through your book. Now let us utilize the hard work which you have put into the book to the fullest and tell your passionate story to the world.

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