Organizational Success through Personal Branding

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What is an organization after all? It is only a group of people and hence an organizational brand is the sum total of the personal brands of its people. If an organisation helps its employees bring out and express their peak potential, the organisation also realizes its peak potential in the process.

Indian IT industry sets an example
Interestingly IT (Information Technology) industry has taken a lead in India, in many areas from employee welfare to regular training to excellent perks and assisting employees to bring out their best. I had written a blog post on how IT professionals are becoming the rolemodels for personal branding some time back. IT industry is such a dynamic industry that thought leadership among employees is highly treasured because thought leaders only build and lead teams that make innovative products.

NASSCOM-Playing a key role

NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies) being a body of IT organisations has taken a lead in conducting events on personal branding and aligning personal brand with corporate brand.

Here are few tips on how to align personal brand with the corporate brand and contribute to organizational success:-

  • The personal brand of the employee can help the organisation get more business or vendor proposals for example. The higher the management level, the more critical personal branding becomes.
  • For some employees personal branding is very useful eg Sales, PR/ Corporate Communications and CEO/Top management. While a salesperson’s personal reputation is critical in getting business, CEO/Top management can find it easy to liaise with government officials, venture capitalists and so on with a strong personal brand.
  • Specialized professions-In some professions like news anchoring/journalism, the professionals actually bring audience to the media, with their personal reputation and brand.
  • Employees must align their personal brands with corporate brands and give the organisation/employer the due respect it deserves. For eg putting the company website before the personal website on Linkedin profile.
  • The employee can highlight how the values of the company are aligned with his/her personal values and how the organisation has contributed to his/her job satisfaction by helping align personal goals with organisation goals.

Enlarge, Excel & Evolve as a Global Personal Brand

Social Media success is making collaboration and personal growth (wisdom) a necessity. So to become a personal brand, Enlarge as a Human Being, Excel as a Social Media Being and Evolve as a Personal Brand.

Sunder Madakshira, Vice President – Marketing and Communications, SAP Labs talks about 10 tips that can help organization build a strong brand by helping its thought leaders build a strong personal brand. He believes in a knowledge economy, the true worth of a corporation is the synergy of expertise of the talent pool it owns. An organizational brand is, therefore, built brick by brick through contributions by prominent employees who are strong brand themselves.

If employees build their personal brands with such wisdom, and dedication to the organisation, the organisation brand will be automatically built as a side effect. Hence Personal branding can significantly contribute to an organisations’s success. If the organisation brand is a house, then each personal brand is a brick. After all, a house is only as strong as its bricks are.

My best wishes to my readers to Enlarge, Excel and Evolve as Personal Brands and contribute to building a greater organisation in the process. Indian companies are moving in any case from human resource management to human resource development, from HRM to HRD.

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