Simple Ways of Meditation

From Mindfulness to Songfulness

There is no right method or technique to meditate and I challenge the pundits who preach that. The purpose of meditation is to connect with supreme consciousness (the god within) and the pre-requisite is to silence the mind. Once the mind is completely silenced, one can easily get that perfect peace and joy which people desire through meditation.
Another important pre-requisite is to kick out all negative emotions from yourself, if you really want to raise your level of consciousness and get perfect peace and connectedness.
A gentleman asked me once, “What is the simplest method to meditate?” I replied, “Just live in the moment.” It is easier said than done. Are we not living in the past or future all the time? Humanity has invented powerful silencers for the vehicles, but we cannot silence our own mind.  Imagine how disturbing all the noise generated by the mind must be, to your body, heart and soul.
Mindfulness, being fully present in everything you do is also a way of meditation. If you love music, playing a soothing song and getting fully absorbed in the song (songfulness) is also a type of meditation.
Such methods of meditation may be more suitable for the common man who is too busy with the frenetic pace of life at office and pressures of family at home. Such methods may not give him the extreme spiritual experiences, which superior techniques may give. But we also need to be realistic when we teach meditation to a common person, who lacks time, inclination and a stress free mind (which a rich person may afford with financial security) required for meditation.
So forget about high fundas. Play this Beatles song (Norwegian Woods) or any other soothing music for that matter and just completely absorb the moment. Breathe deeply and close your eyes if you wish. And feel the mystical bliss.
Meditation is not just for the elite. You too can meditate and create your magic. Happy Meditating.

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