8 Easy Steps to Create Your Own Blog

Do you have a creative writer in you which has been repressed for a long time? Or do you have expertise in a subject which you want to share with the world?
If your answer is yes to any of the two, then it’s high time, you created a Blog. A blog can be created and run free of cost, though it would require your precious time to write high quality articles to attract and retain readers.

Step 1 Go to wordpress or blogspot site
A blogspot blog can be created from your Gmail ID only. Follow simple guidelines for registration and design of your blog. If you want to give a very professional look, you can take help of an IT guy for design. Create an about me page (to give your professional description, you can see a sample at my ‘About Me’ page) and a home page.

Step 2 Start writing small blogs
Writing small blogs would be a good exercise to practice and get some feedback from your friends, relatives and professional network. In any case, people do not like to read very long blogs. Insert images if you wish, but make your blog catchy.

Step 3 Link your blog posts to Linkedin and Facebook
It is good to get the initial audience from your own network by posting your links to these (and other) social networking sites. Understand the key features of your blog site. Create the hits gadget (number of views) on your homepage. It will become your constant motivator. (If you are not getting hits, it will force you to introspect.)

Step 4 Get registered on blog directories
There are plenty of blog directories and many of them are free. Register your blog with these directories.You can search on Google to find out these directories.

Step 5 Start analyzing the statistics
Analyse the statistics relating to posts, audience, traffic sources etc on a daily, weekly and all time basis. Analyse the preferred time, the countries, the posts of the audience you are getting and adjust your blog posts accordingly to the audience preferences. In case of Facebook, just see the chat status and you will come to know when maximum of your friends are online. Post your blog link at that time.

Step 6 Improve your writing quality continuously
As the audience quantity and quality improves, you also need to improve your writing skills. Remember having a catchy headline and poor content can work in the short term but will be damaging in the long run. Reading such a blog post will be like marrying a beautiful, brainy girl who is heartless and soulless. The audience will flirt with such posts but will never marry you (stick with you for a long time). And one day you would have flirted with everyone and created a reputation of non-seriousness and lack of commitment.

Step 7 Be regular in posting
Preferably write a blog daily or at least 2-3 times a week. Remember some posts will get very good response, while other posts may not get any response at all. Keep understanding your audience and try to match the content with audience needs. Success will result from great content and good marketing.

Step 8 Get ready to monetize, if you wish

Once your Blog has been successfully running for six months and has gained popularity, you are all set to monetize your blog by registering with Google or other sites and start making the moolah.

Dr Amit Nagpal, PhD (New Media) works as a Digital Marketing Consultant in New Delhi, India. His area of specialisation is building a personal brand in digital space. He may be reached at amitknagpal@gmail.com


  1. Now I am visiting blogspot and wordpress sites and I am trying to improve my sites. Here after I will follow the above steps to improve my blogging skills.


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