Interesting People in My Life IV-Sandra Garcia, The Lady Einstein

If you consider yourself highly intelligent, you can continue (otherwise you are heading for a tough time.)

I thought I was intelligent, till I came across the two S’s of my life (Sri Aurobindo’s writings and Sandra Garcia’s Blog). Well, now I have serious doubts, whether I am intelligent enough.
Sandra is based in South Africa and has an interesting group on Linkedin called “The Pythagoras Portal” (a blog also with the same name). As stated in the group profile, “The purpose of this group is to produce a testing ground for the new scientific theories, that are received from spiritual communications.” She can discuss meteors, transcendence and cancer with equal ease while I take few minutes to adjust my brain’s settings for the new topic.
I address Sandra as the ‘Lady Einstein’ as I have to work very hard to understand the discussions on her group. In any case mixing science with spirituality is like mixing country liquor with whisky and makes for a heady combination. Besides discussing science of spirituality, her group also helps in locating the missing children of the world through the sub group-SOS-Missing children of the world.
As Sandra coolly discusses topics like divine mathematics, tran(s)cience, Merkabah and transformation, how Pythagoras related mathematics with God, I scratch my head and gather all my energy to partially understand what she means. As she raises the question, “What is science’s most important question and why?”, I am reminded of the famous quote of Einstein about the small percentage of human brain we utilize in our life. The day we utilize 90 % of our brain, what shape will our planet and human beings take, perplexes me.
Besides working knowledge of English, Sandra knows Italian, Spanish and Afrikaans and is a true communicant. She was 19 when she had a dream which changed her life forever. Six months later she began to experience the cues to her death. She heeded the divine call which saved her life and embarked on her spiritual mission.
Spirituality which was only a matter of faith is now fast emerging into a science. Even in India, we have Indian Federation of Spiritual Scientists and every year Bangalore hosts World Congress of Spiritual Scientists (Supported by Times Foundation). People like Sandra are playing a pioneering role in giving scientific touch to spirituality and making it more acceptable. I wish Sandra all the best in her tough pioneering journey. May Supreme Consciousness bless everything that she does!

Brief Profile
Sandra has studied at Clayton College of Alternative Medicine, USA. She is the Chief Communicant at 'The Pythagoras Portal' and works as Predictive Forecast, Business Analyst- Zintro Expert at Zintro Inc. She uses her divine intuition in providing consulting in areas like assessing whether there are any future financial setbacks in primary plans, successful prospects in merger acquisitions or investments and pin-pointing the circumstances in a business practice that are responsible for substantial losses.

To know more about Sandra Garcia, click here;-

Merkabah at the Centre of Universe (Harper Collins)


  1. Dear Amit:

    I agree wholeheartedly with your beautiful commentary on Sandra Garcia. I have the greatest respect for her communicant ability and diversity of knowledge, which is blessed with the deepest cosmic insight.

    Sincerely, Frank

  2. Thanks Frank for your feedback. May Sandra get the due recognition she deserves.


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