Becoming a True Leader

Dedicated to my transleader friend-sister Ms Jennifer Sertl

Maxwell says, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.” A leader first develops his own maturity and people skills, and then he starts his journey of self-development and finally becoming competent to guide others with compassion and genuine concern.
Let us take a look at some of the leadership traits and how meditation and spirituality help in developing them.
  1. Handling jealousy-Leadership is associated with power which generates jealousy. Instead of getting down to the level of such people a leader always remembers, “People are not jealous of your success but are frustrated because of their own failures.”
  2. Forgiveness-A leader takes all the blame on himself and passes the credit to his team members. He forgives team members for unintentional mistakes and remembers, “We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their actions.”
  3. Ability to handle pressure-Faith in a higher power reduces our stress levels and the conviction that God will protect and guide us reduces our urge to ponder over problems.
  4. Understanding the root cause-Spirituality gives us the wisdom not to jump to conclusions too fast. Once we develop a habit of not getting judgmental and rather try to understand the root causes of events and negative behavior of people, we are able to take more wise decisions.
  5. Trusting people-A leader must trust his subordinates and if one fundamentally believes in the goodness of humanity it is easier to repose trust which makes it easier to delegate. The leader can then focus his time and energy on important tasks.
  6. Developing people-The more secure a person feels in his position, the easier he finds it to develop his team members while an insecure leader is contented and secure with incapable people around. A leader must be a good teacher and he would be respected by his staff for doing that.
  7. Openness to constructive criticism-Our critics are our best friends because they urge us to work upon our weaknesses and force us to look inside. The more secure a leader feels the more open he is to constructive criticism and dissent.
  8. Positive attitude and enthusiasm- Spirituality makes a person positive in nature and positivity makes a person enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is infectious and is one of the most important qualities of a good leader.
  9. Humility and subdued ego-Spirituality teaches a person that one is a very small part of the universe and hence ego should be subdued. “Nothing damages iron more than its own rust. Nothing damages a person more than his own ego.”
  10. The Secret of vibrations-Spirituality makes us understand the secret of vibrations-By sending negative vibrations, we attract negative people and negative behaviour from the environment while by sending positive vibes we get positivity back.
  11. Handling risk-Spirituality helps us in developing a sense of fearlessness and removes our doubts with increased trust in God.
Experience has been that meditation and spirituality gives you peace of mind and a peaceful mind is able to think better. Better thinking leads to better actions and decisions, which results in better leadership.
(This is the first article in the series, "Leading with Spirituality" in Spiritual Lounge E-Magazine)
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  1. i really donno how you come up with such interesting insights enlightening our curious and immature minds... I have understood with my own personal experience that leadership is not a 'position' but a 'responsibility'. Being a leader means a lot and this article will be of great help for all those who have been under this stage at one point or the other!

  2. Yes, no wonder the society is moving from authoritative leadership to servant leadership.


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